Thinking up new gift ideas is always a challenge but there are many possibilities when buying for a gardener. If the gardener in your life is partial to creating their own organic compost why not consider the Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper

The Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper is a boon to anyone who enjoys recycling garden waste and kitchen scraps into useful organic compost. The challenge with creating good quality compost is to use a variety of 'ingredients'. Kitchen scraps add useful green matter full of nutrients and also good brown matter such as waste paper and egg shells. All this is great but many of us end up throwing some of this useful material away in a bid not to leave the kitchen looking untidy, or to avoid the problem of insect pests hovering around the scraps if left on the counter.

The advantage of using a purpose designed compost pail is that you get somewhere roomy yet attractive to deposit all these waste items between trips to the backyard composter. Of course you could use any container but the disadvantage is they tend to become a little on the smelly side rather quickly, particularly when the weather is warm or the central heating is on.

A specifically designed compost pail such as the Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper contains a system of carbon filters in the lid. These eliminate odors by literally absorbing them. Each set of filters usually lasts around six months, and at less than $6 a pair they are inexpensive to replace. In addition the Counter Top Compost Crock is extremely attractive making it a pretty addition to any kitchen rather than a piece you would rather hide away. This of course makes composting even more practical, as the simplest way to ensure everything is recycled is to have somewhere to deposit it right at hand. Being manufactured from ceramics means the Norpro Compost Pails are simple to clean and can even be put in the dishwasher.

As a gift idea the Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper is great, it looks and as extremely practical. One sturdy handle make trips out to the yard easy, but if it doesn't get emptied that regularly the carbon filters will ensure no odors are released, and a well fitting lid keeps insects at bay. Plus at $20 to $30 it should keep your bank manager happy too.