chocolate gift basket
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May 13th is Mother’s Day, one of the biggest consumer holidays of the year.  Every daughter, son and husband is looking for the perfect gift.  With so much to choose from it can be difficult to figure out exactly what to buy.  Gift baskets can be ideal as you can load them full of fun things for your mom.  Depending upon the relationship you have with the “Mom” in your life, your gifts may have different meanings.   Most moms like gifts that say “You Know Me.”  So let’s go down a list of possible gift baskets for the mom in your life.  Don’t worry, they won’t break the bank.

  1.  Gardener Mom.  An ideal gift basket for the gardener in your life can consist of gardening gloves, small digging shovel, numerous seed packets from vegetables to flowers, a sun visor and last but not least a decorative ornament such as a stone rabbit or gazing ball to complete her garden.
  2. Chocolate Lover’s Mom.  There are some mom’s that cannot live without their daily dose of chocolate, if this is your mom here are some gift basket ideas:  Godiva Chocolates are a favorite for this basket, as well as chocolate covered strawberries, assortment of chocolate chip cookies or chocolate dipped cookies, and two large chocolate Hershey kisses.
  3. Coffee Lover Mom.  If starting her day with the perfect cup of coffee is what gets her going then her basket can be loaded with a small pack of various coffees, her favorite creamer, small box of sugar packets, coffee cake mix or donuts, and a soothing jazz or relaxation cd she can listen to while enjoying her morning cup.  You can also do a tea gift basket the same way.
movie gift basket
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4.  Movie Lover Mom.  If going to the movies every Friday make your mom smile?  Here are some gift basket ideas for her:   Two tickets to her favorite movie, her favorite movie on dvd, two packs of popcorn, two boxes of candy and two bottles of her favorite soda.

5.  New Moms.  After giving birth to a new baby, new mom’s really need a break.  Here are some great gift basket ideas for them:  Certificate for Spa Day, various bubble baths and bath salts, relaxation cd’s, and a gift card to  her favorite restaurant.

6.  Fitness Mom.  For the mom that starts each day working out, ideas for her gift basket can be a Kettle Bell, exercise band, ankle weights, new workout outfit, and workout cd with her favorite exercise songs.

As you can see there are many different variations of gift baskets that you can put together for your mom.  Just a little bit of thought and a lot of love goes a long way to making Mother’s Day a great day for your mom.  Go ahead and try one of these gift basket ideas and you may pleasantly surprised at how much that special “Mom” in your life loves it.