A Gift for the Blood-Sucker in Your Life




Let’s face it. They’re everywhere. They are in books, on television and of course the big screen. We know the characters by name, like Bella and Edward from Twilight, along with Elena, Stefan and Damon from the Vampire Diaries. They are in our blood.


The current vampire fad has spawned more merchandise than you can shake a sharpened stick  or silver stake at. You can choose from posters, key chains, t-shirts and coffee mugs. Select hoodies, jewelery, underwear and bumper stickers. There’s even vampire themed maternity wear and baby clothes.

How about a set of custom fit fangs or a vial of your blood tastefully mounted on a necklace?

A Twilight jewelry box is a keepsake any vampire lover will cherish.

Here are some other gift ideas for the vampire lover on your list.

Vampire Movies



 Movies like Twilight are all the rage but any vampire aficionado should be well schooled in the classics.

 Many vampire movies from the sixties and seventies are cheesy and almost soft porn for their day. Many early black and white films are eerily haunting. Some of these movies are frightening, some are just plain funny. Here are some that should be on the gift list for every vampire lover.

     1. DRACULA (1931)

     The Count travels to London where he turns young Lucy Weston into a vampire, then turns his attention to Mina Stewart. As her health deteriorates Van Helsing is called in to do battle with Dracula.

     2. BLOOD FOR DRACULA (1974)

     The Count is on the hunt for blood from a virgin. Unfortunately, virgins are tough to find.

      3. LOVE AT FIRST BITE (1979)

      In this campy vampire spoof, the count falls in love with a sophisticated urban women. But can he make the transition from Transylvania to The Big Apple?

      4. BRIDES OF DRACULA (1960)

     With the help of a teacher, young Dracula comes of ages and finds his inner fangs.

      5. VAMPYRES (1974)

     Two sexy female vampires lure unsuspecting travelers to a night of romance – and death.


Vampire Books



From hard core porn to self help books Vampires are making a bloody splash on the printed page.

There’s nothing to get your heart beating faster on a dark and stormy night, like a well-written vampire book. They're guaranteed to keep your vampire lover up all night, which is fine. She's probably not sleeping anyway.  Here are five that should be in every vampire lovers collection.

     1. DRACULA (Bram Stoker)

     This is the ultimate vampire classic. Written in 1897, it is our first glimpse into Count Dracula’s life in the

Transylvanian countryside and the introduction to the characters who will shape the destiny of vampire lore.


     This four volume set features some of Rice’s most beloved blood suckers including Lestat, Claudia and Memmock.

     3. THE TWILIGHT SERIES (Stephanie Myers)

     Life is boring for Isabella Swan until she connects with intriguing Edward Cullen. Their lives become intertwined as Edward’s life as a vampire changes their town forever."> The complete collection is available.

     4. ‘SALEM’S LOT (Stephen King)

     Ben Mears returns to his sleepy little home town to find it immersed in unspeakable horror.

     5. YOU SUCK: A LOVE STORY (Christopher Moore)

     Young vampires Tommy and Jody are in love, but teen angst gets ramped up when amateur vampire hunters are on their trail and Jody’s ex wants to “neck”.

A Trip to Transylvania

Dracula's Castle

If money is no object why not spring for a guided all inclusive tour of Transylvania? It includes a Johnathon Harker dinner at the Dracula club and a nights accommodation at Count Dracula's castle.

Throw in a few Bloody Marys and you'll be ready to howl at the moon.