If you are looking for office gift ideas for co-workers, friends and maybe that nice person in shipping, then why not consider something a little different?  Something that will make them smile.  There are all kinds of mugs and traditional gifts that are given out at special occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays and more, but finding something that can make them smile and last past that day can be hard.

When I came across this electronic butterfly in a jar, it made me smile, and thought this was an amazing gift idea.  Who wouldn't like a pretty butterfly moving around inOffice Gift IdeasCredit: thinkgeek.com a jar on their office desk.  The best part about this product is that there is no worry about being cruel to real butterflies, after all it is electronic, but it is still pretty and can help you relax and feel less stressed when you look at it.

With the latest in fiber optics and electronics, these gifts are becoming more and more realistic.  For not much more than a coffee mug, you can get endless entertainment and smiles out of this type of gift.

Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

Basically there is a tiny thin wire in the lid of this jar, and the realistic looking butterfly is on the other end.  When you tap this jar or make a noise it will start to flutter around in the jar.  You can get them in different colors and types of butterflies, but they can certainly add colour to your desktop.  Place it beside your computer and watch it flutter.

The only downside I find to this type of office gift, is that if you have an office cat, they will be all over it, and it and it may end up on the ground broken.  So just beware of that.  Otherwise, why not be taken back to a summer day in the midst of a dark winter with this coloGreat Gift Ideas for the OfficeCredit: thinkgeek.comurful gift.

If you do the "secret santa" at work, then this would make a great gift idea for the office.  Try to come away from the traditional quick to find gifts such as coffee mugs, chocolates etc, and try and find something that will last past that day and is fun all year round.  This type of gift will bring a smile to anyone who watches it.

When trying to find smart office gift ideas, you need to consider the person you are purchasing for if you can, and try to come up with something that will make them smile or they will enjoy, rather than a quick run down the department store aisles the day before and just grabbing something.  It looks like you put some thought into it. 

So, check online for ideas, you are sure to find something in your price range that is a little different and you will be remembered for. 

Shopping online is a great way to find things that are a little different than the norm, and that is a good thing when it comes to getting gifts for the office.