Baby Bouncer
Credit: google images

When my daughter learned that she was pregnant, I found myself both excited and nervous about becoming a grandmother.  I had in my mind many things that I wanted to purchase for my little grandbaby.  While visiting many baby stores in the area; there was so much to choose from that I needed a little help.  Contacting some new mother’s that I knew; they told me about the baby products that my daughter would need most.

  1.  Baby Bouncer.  This little chair that can be sat either on the counter or on the floor.  It is made of soft cloth and a steel frame.  You strap the baby in and then turn the chair on.  The chair begins to slowly vibrate and depending on the one you choose, it has a mobile as well.  I chose a reasonably priced bouncer and my new grandson just loved it.  Anytime he is placed in it, he quickly relaxes and falls asleep.  For me that’s a great gift for a new mom.
  2. Diaper Wipe Warmer.  Now this was something I had never heard of before my daughter found out she was pregnant.  This nifty little item is used to warm up a baby’s wet wipes so that when they touch their little bottom its warm and comfortable.  My children never got this kind of treatment, but my grandson seems to enjoy them.   My friends say it’s one of the best gifts that they have ever received.
  3. Personal Changing Pad.  These lightweight travel pads are great for changing your baby on the go.  The one that I purchased could be secured to the side wall of the vehicle for a quick change in the car.  My daughter uses this one item everywhere she goes and she said it makes cleaning him up a lot easier.  She says it’s really great when using public changing stations because she does not have to worry about cleanliness.
  4. Baby Carrier.  One of the coolest thing that I’ve seen on my outings  is a dad wearing a baby carrier with his newborn held close to his heart.  These carriers come in many different styles and offer various types of support.  They are made of soft material and give you the option to carry your baby facing outward or inward.   The straps are adjustable and effortless to use.   I carried my grandson in the one that I bought and found it to be quite comfortable and a lot easier to walk with him.  
  5. Nosefrieda.  If you’ve ever tried to clean out the stuffy nose of a baby you would understand why this is a great gift.  The first time my grandson got a cold, I used this and it cleaned his nose much better than the old aspirator that the hospital gives you.  What makes it different is the tube that you put by the nostril and put a filter over the other end and suction out the nose.   They are also very easy to clean once you are finished using them.   I understand why my daughter loves this product and why I keep one at my house.  My grandson appreciates it because he can breathe better afterwards.

There are new products coming out every month to make life easier for the new mom.  These gifts will help mom to fulfill her duties and keep the new baby happy.  If you are searching for something to get the new mom in your life, any of the items listed will bring a smile to her face and relieve some of the stress of motherhood.