The Strategies, Tips, and Steps to an Awesome Gift


Gifts are special objects of contribution or friendship to people you like. Gifts should bring pleasure to the recipient, excitement, or even pure laughter. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to hit the bull's eye on present giving because it is hard to understand what your receiver really wants. It is quite upsetting when you can tell your friend or loved one does not enjoy your gift, and you wish you could go back and change the gift to what they really want. This stress can be avoided though, with some simply strategies, tips, and steps on how to give a wonderful gift.

The Preliminary Steps

First, we are going to have to walk through some preliminary strategies on how to set yourself up for a great gift.

1. Give yourself some time for goodness sake!

Before you even think about the actual gift, know what time the gift is due, or when it should be ready for shipment, especially if you need to time it with shipping days. Add a reminder to your calendar on your cellular device or on your refrigerator because the date can easily slip out of a cluttered brain like mine or maybe yours. Lastly, make sure you add the reminder so it gives you a week or even a week and a half to think about the gift, order it (remember business days) or buy it , or juggle your busy schedule.

2. Know what your recipient is like

After you have scheduled your time for thinking, maybe ordering or buying, and your busy agenda start to analyze your receiver. Don't do this step till the time you cut out is upon you, but keep it in the back of your mind till that time comes. If the time is now to buy, just roll along with the article, and you will be set with a great gift.

Back to the analytical strategies... Start with thinking about your recipient, and determine what he or she likes, wears, listens too, acts like, and wishes for. Darn! You have no clue, you just can't come up with anything. Your solution... Call a mom, dad, friend, aunt, uncle, sister, or brother and ask what characterizes this person. Once you get answers, think about their age and choose what is most appropriate.

Also, determine if this person is shy, wants to be cool (there is no problem with it, I wish I was cool ), or is very confident. For example, you are not going to want to give a shy boy a cocky knew pair of Air Jordans because he may regret wearing them or be too shy and self aware to even want to put them on in public. Essentially, just determine the person's personality, and social behaviors.

Finally, know what your teen likes to do all the time: video games, sports, drawing, programing,  social media, reading, etcetera. This is the biggest strategy because your gift is going to be a reflection of the teen wishes, hobbies, or other characteristics. So if the teen likes video games, than look up or even ask the teen what video games are hot. If the recipient knows or has a clue as to what you are going to get them, it does not mean it is a bad gift. As for teens, they usually don't care if they know, they just want the item. If it is a person who likes surprises than make it a surprise, but most teens don't give a hoot. 

Starting the Gift

3. Let's find the right gift

So after you have analyzed your recipient you now can begin to locate the item you are going to give them. Start by choosing your item: video game, toy, clothes, cologne, perfume, etcetera. Once the item is chosen, you can begin to search for a better or hot version of it. Let's say that you cannot figure out what to get... Well, you can go onto google, bing, whatever search engine you have and type in "things teens like". You will have many pages thrown at you with a bunch of social media stuff, clothes, video games, etcetera. Search though them till you find something good, or create a list of possible things because you don't have to just get this person one thing. 

4. Specialize the gift

You may have chosen your gift type, but you haven't yet specialized it to your receiver and made it special in some kind of way. For example, if you choose to get a video game for a present than what video game? You can ask the "what kind" question for about anything: shoes, cologne, clothes, phones, etcetera. So once you have chosen what you are getting, think back to the characteristics part of this guide. Is this person confident, artsy, sporty, or somewhere in-between? Once you have your answer, special your present to that person's personality. So now you have chosen your gift, and specialized it for your recipient. How are you going to present it?

5. Jazz up your presentation

You can go with the normal box with wrapping paper presentation, which works just fine in most cases, or go with a creative presentation. If you were to give somebody a video game as a surprise, than you are not going to want to wrap it so it looks like the exact rectangle container it comes in, cause that would ruin the surprise. So an alternative could be like the Russian Nesting Dolls, you put a box inside another box, and it build suspense as your friend rips apart rapping paper for each layer. Also you could wrap the present a lot, and just allow for your friend to have fun as he/she continues to tear layers and layers of wrapping paper.

I hope this article leads you to an awesome gift for anybody important in your life. Remember, for a present it is the thought that counts.