Shopping and purchasing cool Halloween costumes can be a fun experience each Halloween season. Even men who hate shopping love shopping for thie Halloween costume. Every year there is a new selection of scary wear that you can easily buy online or to purchase at a brick and mortar store. There are thousands of different Halloween apparal out there to buy online, many with varying degrees of realism and quality.   This can lead to you getting disappointed when they arrive, sometimes they don't arrive at all! And you are left in a sticky situation.  It is recommended that you purchase your suit well in advance to allow for adequate time for delivery.

This article will showcase some of the scariest, original and most realistic high quality Halloween costumes available today, with representatives from movies, periods in time like the 80's and cult Halloween classics, being both informative and interesting.

There are some great men’s Halloween suits out there.  This will be a review of what I consider some of the best for this year:

Saw Jigsaw Puppet

The Saw Puppet costume is a fantastic example of how movies make great Halloween features, the suit comes complete with a two piece suit with trousers, coupled with the saw mask and a pair of white gloves! People that have not even seen this movie will think this thing is creepy and scary.

Jigsaw Puppet Costume - Large - Chest Size 46-48
Amazon Price: $74.00 $59.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 10, 2013)

Bloody Surgeon

A green set of scrubs or smock makes up the body of this uniform, a clear vinyl cover sits over the chest area along with two over each arm which are covered in fake blood to give a bloody appearance. Accessories included with this include a hat and surgical mask.  The blood will be the touch, but learn to use the medical terminology to be even scarier than ever. Bloody SurgeonCredit:

The Joker

This Joker's suit is in the style of the Joker found in the batman film Batman Begins, as played by Heath Ledger before his tragic death. A great costume which is very realistic to the character in the film.  This makes great movie wear for a movie themed party or for a The JokerCredit: party. This is a complete suit and includes a three quarter length jacket in purple, this is coupled with coordinating trousers. A waistcoat is attached to the inside of the jacket along with a tie. To complete it a vinyl facemask is included which is very realistic and really quite scary!  If you decide not to wear the mask, you could use face paint.  Good news is, you do not even have to be a good make-up artist.  The worse you are the better realism you will bring.  One idea is to put the make-up on and then use an rag to make it look messed up.

Official Predator Halloween Costume

An officially licensed predator Halloween apparal from some films starring Arnold, himself. PredatorCredit: Halloween attire that is more realistic, a rubber molded mask sets it off, going down to the body.  we see lots of molded padding covering the shoulders, chest arms and legs. This covers a jumpsuit which has a mesh like coating.

Official Ghostbuster costume

Great for 80's themed, movie or Halloween parties. A complete guise made up of a beige jumpsuit bearing the Ghostbusters logo. This is the men’s atire but there are also getups for women, kids, and for groups. The suit also comes with an inflatable gun and proton pack.  I love this movie.  You can even get a outfit for the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man, but it did not make the top list.

Ghostbusters Costume With Inflatable Backpack, Tan, Adult Standard
Amazon Price: $43.99 $22.55 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 10, 2013)

Adult Evil Jester

A sinister twist on an innocent costume, the evil jester is a very scary garb.  It is available in black and white or black and red color schemes.  It comes with a jester mask with eye and Evil JesterCredit: holes and an all in one suit. Skull jester staff is also available as an accessory. There are many variations of this outfit.  You can choose whatever fits your style and theme.  If you choose to wear make-up instead of the mask, you should be very particular about the lines.  The clear cut make up lines make this guise more realistic and the details just add to the mystique of the total outfit.

Halloween Werewolf Costume

Werewolf costumeCredit: knows about werewolves. The scary creatures that come out on a full moon with a thirst for blood.  I hardly ever see werewolves at the parties.  It may be due to the fact they are very hot. I also do not think most of the guises are very well made. Well here is one, a very high quality werewolf mask head which covers your whole head. Also included is a ripped lumberjack styled checked shirt, one of the most original attires about at the moment.

Edward Scissorhands Costume

This garb is from the cult movie classic! This fantastic costume comes in a variety of stylesEdward ScissorhandsCredit: to suit almost any budget.  Most of them though, are of decent quality and look almost like movie replicas. All come as complete getup with wigs, and the face masks. The full Edward Scissorhands garb over the body and legs and are finished with accessories and the all important scissor hands.

Grave Groom Zombie costume

This is another original twist on a classic Halloween traditional garb. The grave groom zombie is something a little different. Still carrying on the zombie look and feel but incorporating an almost time period look with a top hat and staff. This could perhaps make a great plague costume. Makes a great couples costume too as there is a zombie bride!

Adult Gauze Groom Mummy Costume-Fits most adults up to size 42
Amazon Price: $38.50 $34.45 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 10, 2013)

Complete Adult zombie

Zombie CostumeCredit: old favorite is a classic zombie garb which incorporates a  “all in one suit with flyaway” look to mimicking rotting flesh. A zombie mask is also included to complete this get up.

As you can see there quite a selection of Halloween apparal for men! This is just a top list of Halloween get up.  If you use your imagination, you will be the hit of the party.  Kids should not get to have all the fun.  Men can let loose and scare everyone this one night of the year.  Go out and get your costume early, so you can make sure it gets here in time.