Whether you're just starting your cupcake business or you're just trying to drive more traffic to your bakery, a key element in your marketing strategy should be a stash of colorful and enticing cupcake business cards. Business cards are an excellent way to connect with customers and remind them what you do, when you're available, and how they should contact you. And it's especially easy in the pastry business to distribute your business cards. Whenever you sell as little as a single cupcake or as much as a whole wedding's worth of cupcakes, just slip one of your cupcake business cards in with the package that you deliver to your customer. After a few bites of your deliciously sweet confections, customers will see your card and instantly associate your name with "quality cupcakes." In order to help you on your mission to becoming Cupcake King (or Queen), here are some ideas for what to include on your cupcake business cards, how to distribute them, and a few examples of great business cards that you can find for a reasonable price.

What To Include On Your Business Cards

Business cards only give you limited space to express yourself and represent your cupcake company, so you should strive to provide only the necessary information and leave the rest of the space on the card to showcase your sweet and satisfying cupcakes! Basic information that you should probably always include are your company name, your company address (unless you're an online-only or phone-only business), your website, your email address and/or phone number, and your store hours (again, unless you don't have a physical store). You may also considering including what kind of products you sell and what kind of events you service (weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc.), so that customers will remember your name the next time they throw a party. Even this much may be too much information, so carefully consider how you want to use the space on your cupcake business cards. It is also common practice to put information on the back of your business card so the front of the card can be completely devoted to a picture of your cupcakes (though your name, of course, should be on the front of the card).

How To Distribute

As mentioned above, in the bakery business you have unique opportunities to distribute your business cards. You should certainly be prepared with one or two business cards in your wallet or purse so that you can advertise just in case your cupcakes come up during a conversation. Beyond that, you can slip a card into the bag or box of any pastry order you fill, so that customers will remember your name as they're enjoying their double chocolate cupcakes. And if they're impressed enough by your product, they might pass that business card on to their friends. This kind of advertising, where a potential customer hears about a product from a trusted friend, is sometimes called "word-of-mouth advertising," and it is undoubtedly the best kind of advertising that you can invest in. You can also take your advertising to the next level by offering to bake for charity events or even school sporting events (for free), and you can hand out business cards there with each cupcake. Baking for free is just a good practice in general for getting exposure, and it's another great opportunity to pass out your info. And if you really want to go the extra mile and add a personal touch to your advertising, write a special personalized note on the business cards as you hand them out. If a customer seems to really like a certain flavor of cupcake, write the name of the flavor on the card. If a customer mentions that she's involved in a local community group, write down what you can offer the group ("1 Dozen Cupcakes - $9" or "Special Event Catering", for example). If the customer reveals that they might have a need, adding that personal note is a subtle but effective way of saying that you can satisfy that need.

Examples Of Cupcake Business Cards

Here are two examples of cupcake business cards to get you inspired. You can purchase these cards exactly as they are (after they've been customized for your bakery, of course) or you can use them to spark ideas for your own perfect business cards. The first example is a design for cupcake business cards available through Zazzle:

Cupcake Business Card from Zazzle.com

This design features an excellent photo of delicious chocolate cupcakes with thick white frosting, and the only information on the front of the card is your pastry shop name. Though not pictured here, the back of the card provides a listing of other important information (address, phone, website, etc). What's nice about this design is that the customer's first impression is one of deliciously handcrafted sweets, provided by none other than your bakery. The customer doesn't feel bludgeoned with information but instead excited about trying your cupcakes. When they're ready to place an order, all the necessary information is stored on the back of the card when they need it.

The second example of cupcake business cards is this simpler design from Vistaprint:

Cupcake Business Card at Vistaprint.com

This design features just a simple cupcake graphic, pleasing Valentine's Day colors, and only the most pertinent information that the customer would need. Only listing one form of contact (phone number, for example) may seem like too little information, but it also allows you to direct the customer to your most preferred communication channel. It can be difficult to balance orders between phone, email, and online ordering, and directing customers to one channel can help lighten the load. This business card unfortunately does not include additional information on the back of the card, but these business cards are also cheaper as a result. You might decide to purchase these cards for a cheap and quick marketing solution, and then you have the entire back of the card to include personalized notes, as mentioned above.

Print Your Own Business Cards

There are also ways to design and print your own cupcake business cards, but these methods tend to be slightly more expensive and significantly more time consuming. But if you love designing or if you have a very specific motif in mind for your business cards, this may be the way to go. There are some paper companies, the most popular of which being Avery, who sell sheets of blank business cards that will work with your home printer. You will need to download a Microsoft Word template from Avery's website (which is free), and then you can add all your own photos and information and position them wherever you like.

Cupcake business cards will be an important addition to your bakery's marketing strategy, and it's an excellent way to demonstrate to potential customers how talented and creative you are! Have fun making your business cards, and "Let them eat cake!"