If there is a 75th birthday happening amongst your friends or family and you are wondering just what to get them or do for them to make it special then here are a few ideas to get you started.

To begin with, try and stay away from too many “dust collectors” as my mother called them.  Many seniors have downsized or are in the process and don’t want anything that will basically sit on the shelf.  So, try and stay away from anything that is not really of any use other than to look at it, unless they are specifically looking for it.  So, knick knacks should not be on your list of ideas.

1. Restaurant Gift Cards

This makes an awesome gift for any senior that loves to eat out at restaurants or go out and about with friends or family.  They can take a friend or maybe even you!  Make sure it is for a restaurant that is near to them or you if you visit often.

This way they can have another birthday celebration at another date.

You can present it to them with a nice bottle of wine or a favourite treat, just so that you are not simply handing them a gift card which can look tacky.

2.  Hobby Supplies

If you know what their hobby is, whether it is knitting, woodworking, crochet, painting, quilting or many other hobbies, you can get them additional supplies for their birthday present.  This way they are getting something they could use.

Do a little bit of research and find out just what they could use for this hobby.  This way it will be a welcome gift when they get it.

3. Nordic Walking Poles

These have become very popular for many people who love to walk and hike but these are also brilliant idea for seniors.  Not only do these poles help to steady them while they are walking but they add to the workout by working out the upper body too.

So, if they are active in walking or hiking, then they would love a pair of walking poles.  It will also help keep their confidence while out enjoying the fresh air.

4. Introduce Them to a Kindle Reader

The beauty of this gadget is that it can hold a lot of books, and many libraries are on board with these eReaders!

At my local library there were many seniors there not only looking at regular books but books they could download from the library website. 

If your senior is willing, you could pre-load it up with lots of books they would like.  These readers can be adjusted for larger print, and they are so lightweight compared to holding larger hard cover books, and they can be taken anywhere.   As part of this gift, you should give them a tutorial and then check out your local library as many are onboard with downloading books.

5. Handsfree Book Holder

If your senior is not really electronically minded or you just don’t think they would enjoy a gadget such as the Kindle, but they do like to read books in their favourite easy chair, then you can consider getting them a free standing book holder.

These are really cool, this way the holder holds the book and it can be adjusted to any position they need to be able to read it without holding the book, which many can get heavy and then they end up with their neck at a bad position while trying to read. 

This book holder makes a great gift idea for the 75 year old, but also for anyone who ends up with a sore neck because of the angle they hold the book to be able to see it well. 

These holders will hold most books as well as magazines, and they can set it up at their favourite chair or even in bed.

6.  Foodie Gifts

Find an assortment of foods that they absolutely love but don’t tend to buy themselves.  You can go to specialty food stores if your local grocer doesn’t have what you are looking for.  I know with my own mother, she is from England, so I went and found a British store that sold treats she had not had since she was a kid.

Or you could simply purchase a gift basket already made up in a theme, such as a tea lover basket of goodies or a coffee lover goodie basket, or chocolate or even health food baskets.  You can get these online at Amazon as well, and worth checking out and either present it to them at their birthday or have it sent to them.

They will have fun dissecting the foodie basket.  Consumables can make a great gift idea for a senior.  It is something they will enjoy and it will not sit around collecting dust.

7. Digital Frame

This can make a great gift idea if you have access to their photo albums.  Find lots of older pictures and then scan them into your computer.  Yes this will take some time but is well worth the effort. 

After you have scanned lots and lots of pictures, transfer them to a memory stick, and then plug it in to the digital frame.  Set it up to do a slide show and plug it in.

Your senior can have a great time going down memory lane, without having to haul out the big dusty photo albums!  You will enjoy making it to as you go through the albums.  All they need to do is plug it in, and watch. 

8.  A Date With You

If you are close to your 75 year old, then a day with you would make a great gift idea.  You could take them for lunch, to a movie, to the theatre, or simply have a walk out and a chat.

Life can get busy and you don’t mean to not visit but it can happen with little league, job, school and next thing you know the week is over and all you want to do is flop.  But try to set up more time with the seniors in your family, they would simply enjoy time with you over any material thing. 

Hopefully the above 8 tips give you some good ideas for a 75th birthday present and has got that brain of yours ticking!