Having trouble planning for Valentines day with your special guy? Here's some help coming up with creative valentines day gifts for him.

Sometimes we struggle to find the best valentines gift for guys – men seem to be wired differently than us. You're trying to strike the right balance between practical and romantic while giving a valentines present that isn't in the 'dime a dozen' list of candy and stuffed animals.

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Gift for the Electronics Guy

Is your guy attached to his smart phone, tablet, or laptop? Smartphone gloves have “conductive fingers” on the thumb, index and middle finger that let him text or type on a touchscreen. These are great for smart phones, ereaders, GPS units, ATMs, even gas station service screens.

Something for the Barbecue King

Is your guy the king of the grill? He'll love getting a wireless barbeque thermometer. These thermometers have a detachable probe for the meat, with a wireless connection to the LCD display and control. Your guy can walk up to 300 feet away while visiting with his buddies (or you!) and still keep track of what's cooking.

Fun for the Both of You

We all know when a guy gives sexy lingerie to his girlfriend it's more of a gift for himself than for her. Here's your chance to turn that to your advantage. Buy a dress that showcases you especially well, or some 'underneaths' to make him drool. This outfit for you will absolutely be a gift he will appreciate.

Relaxation for the Hard Worker

Most men will absolutely love a gift certificate for a massage. It's a great way to ease the aches and pains – he works hard; give his muscles a treat! Now I do recommend getting the certificate at a spa that has both male and female masseuses. Some guys are particular about the gender of the person who gives them a massage. Of course, if you're short of funds for his present or would like to keep it more intimate you could give him a coupon for a massage given by you. On the other end of the price point, you could splurge and bump it up to a couples' massage package.

Personal Gift for New Boyfriend

If the relationship is new you'll want to tread more lightly. A valentines day present for a husband is different than the valentines present for a friend (or new boyfriend). Keep it personal yet light. Does he have a favorite movie you could give him as a DVD. Perhaps he has a favorite dessert you could bake (what are his favorite cookies?).

Another option is a copy of a new bestselling book by an author he likes or in a genre he particularly enjoys. Wander through the Best Sellers list and you'll find something sure to please.

Something New for Your Long-Term Steady

If you've been together forever it can be especially easy to fall into the rut of giving the same-old same-old. It's time to pull out your creative juices and show him you still understand his interests. Does he have a hobby that you don't particularly enjoy? Offer to (happily!) spend time with him at it to enjoy his company.

You could plan a golf outing with him, get tickets to a ballgame, plan a joint fly-tying lesson – you get the idea. The key is to take time together and show an interest in something he enjoys. And if you really can't find an interest in his hobby, show him you understand how much he enjoys it by treating him to a class, tool, or outing that he will appreciate.

Hopefully these ideas have gotten the creative juices rolling. They'll help you find a unique valentines day gift for your guy.