The Advantages of smaller gardens

I really think it is a whole lot easier finding backyard garden ideas, if you have a smaller space to work with. If you have a large garden, there is always maintenance to have to think of and this takes time and effort. There is always a place where you have to fill in or you have to do more landscaping, which can be a pain.

On the other hand, if you have something more compact, then your options are endless. You can work with a particular theme, which is more difficult to grasp with a larger space. You can make your backyard a space where you can come out and really relax in a cosy atmosphere or you can make it a party atmosphere. The choice is yours!



What are the options for a small garden

  • Backyard Zen garden ideas– This is as tranquil as you can get. When you need a break from your hectic life, just get out into your Zen garden and start raking the sand in amongst the rocks, placed at strategic points. This is really simple so it does not need much maintenance – apart from the raking, of course, but this is completely therapeutic.
zen garden


  • If you want to add some vegetation, make sure it complements the theme. You could have a bonsai or a couple of succulents as well. This type of garden would work well with a water feature. The sound of running water adds that sense of peace. Even a simple fish pond would do justice.


  • This is where rocks can also be attractive. It can especially help gardens where soil isn’t particularly good and you have found that nothing grows that well. In this case, a rock garden would be a good option. You could opt for cacti and other flowering plants, which go well as well as an appropriate water feature. Have a look around for something that you like.
small garden


  • Start your very own veggie garden in your backyard – No garden is too small for a couple of vegetables. Not everyone is keen on maintaining veggies, but if you choose them properly, you can have a lot of fun and you can save a lot of money at the same time.

For example, cherry tomatoes are really not difficult to grow. You may even want to start a small herb garden. You can do this is a classic structured way or you can go rustic – the choice is yours.

  • Think about the patio – there are so many things that you can do to make your patio come to life, it is really crazy. If you want to splash out a little, you could invest in an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit, which can create an amazing atmosphere.


  • The way you create lay out your garden can actually create more space. For example by using paving creatively or flower beds, drawing the eye to various places, you can definitely create an illusion of space.


  • You may have asked the question, what is vertical gardening?, but it is really a lot more simple than you give yourself credit for. You have probably seen plants growing vertically up in containers, which have been nailed against the wall or even just hung from a hook. This is what we mean by vertical gardening. It is as simple as that.

You can do so much with this and it is incredibly practical. You can imagine for people who have no space or no sun. I don’t have a lot of sun in my veggie patch, so I decided to go this way. It looks pretty good as well. You can buy something at the nursery or you can construct something yourself. You really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to put one of these together.


  • Some people want to cover up the side so their ugly drive way so they get a couple of concrete planters and place them strategically so various plants can come flowing out of them all of the way lining the driveway.

How about vertical gardening inside your apartment?

If you think how this can contribute to apartment therapy – it is a big plus and you don’t need to go looking around for space. After all, everybody has walls in their home. To me, a fern flowing down will give you a lot more atmosphere than any impressionist style painting – sorry artists!

This is great for people who are keen on cooking and are obsessed with using herbs or even the odd salad leaf to make something extra special. It looks good as well. Finding something really nice to plant it in will form a nice background and add an extra special touch.

Get something that will match your décor. You can make something out of wood with rows and then each row will have something different. For example you will separate them into something like thyme, basil and oregano. Obviously you will need good lighting and this can always be arranged.

Vertical Gardening DIY Style

So now, that you know the basics,

  • First of all, something very simple, but looks great, in my opinion, are a couple of pots strung together and tied to a tree or hooked up. Here, you want to put some effort into making your pots really nice. You can buy the whole adaption at the nursery – but we are not lazy, are we?


  • Terracotta pots are a good start – get some solid rope and make sure your knot at the bottom is really tough. You can paint these how you like or just leave them as they are – the choice is yours!


  • Another way is to convert your old shabby look fence into a beautiful hanging garden with the same type of pots you used before. Be creative and plan out a nice design with a particular theme in mind. You will use pot hangers on the fence and secure them with screws. The pots will clip on here.


  • You know those pocket shoe organizers – the old fashioned type, try and find one of those because there is nothing to construct with this puppy. Just fill the holes with your best top soil and compost and get your little plants in there. You will see them begin to grow.


  • For the ultimate wall garden, you are going to make something that looks almost like a ladder with another section down the center. So, in essence each run will have flowers or herbs or whatever you want flowing over.
vertical garden


  • You can find a palette at a dump somewhere and then just get it into shape. You will also need landscaping material which will go over the back and sides. Then you start filling the slats up with soil and next you start planting. Leave it on the ground for a couple of weeks before you hook it up on the wall so that the roots can grow.

Easy, hey!