When you are looking for beds for kids to sleep on during a vacation or a campout, odds are you are going to be looking to buy a kids air mattress.  There are many different kind of air mattresses for kids to sleep on, which is good since some kids don't like the idea of sleeping on one.  Some have bright colored mattresses while others come with an attached sleeping back that feature popular characters from childrens tv shows and movies.  It is one thing to have an air mattress; it's an even better thing to have an air mattress with Lightning McQueen on the covers.

What makes the character air mattresses neat is the attached sheet and sleeping back that comes with the mattress.  There is no need to go looking for a sheet set in the closet, everything is neatly packed together.

Where to Find Air Mattresses for Kids

Air mattresses have been making a comeback in the last several years, which means that you can find them just about anywhere.  The easiest place to look is the Internet, and there are tons of kids air mattresses on Amazon.  But Amazon is not the only place to look online.  eBay also has some items that you might find interesting.  eBay lets you bid on things, so you can likely find a good deal and not spend more than you would like.

Perhaps the best thing about buying something online is that you can shop from the comfort of your home, and your purchase conveniently shows up at your door a few days later.  Just make sure you understand the return policies on anything you buy on the Internet.

However, if you prefer to get a good look at something before you buy it, childrens air mattresses can be found in stores.  Walmart has a good selection, and you can purchase online from them as well.

In any event, there are many different air mattresses to choose from.  Here is a taste.

Disney Toy Story EZ Air Bed

Featuring Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story EZ Air MattressCredit: amazon.comKids love the movie Toy Story, and they especially love Buzz Lightyear.  This kids air mattress has a blue fitted sheet and sleeping bag with Buzz Lightyear on top.  Like many of these air beds, there is a mesh pocket on the side which comes in handy for holding all sorts of things like water bottles or toys that kids want to sleep with.  If you have a child or grandchild that loves all things Toy Story, this is a good air mattress to go with.

Disney Princess Inflatable Bed

Disney Princess Inflatable BedCredit: amazon.comThis air mattress features some of the most popular princesses from Disney movies.  It also includes the fitted sheet and sleeping bag cover to keep your child warm and cozy during the night.  An extra feature of this air mattress set is a built in fleece covered pillow.  One of the downsides of an air mattress is that pillows sometimes slide off the bed, so the built in pillow of the Disney princess air mattress solves this problem.

Dora the Explorer Ready Air Mattress

With Battery Operated Air Pump

Dora the Explorer Air MattressCredit: amazon.comKids everywhere love Dora the Explorer.  Whether it is with chairs or toy organizers, Dora goes great in many a child's bedroom.  So how cool would it be to have this colorful Dora the Explorer air mattress during a sleepover?  It comes with a built in pillow as well as a big picture of Dora and her pal Boots.  What is even better, though, is that you can get this one with a battery operated air pump.  Many kids air mattresses do not include a battery powered air pump, and they can be a pain to inflate.  I have had to use a hair dryer to inflate an air mattress.  Not fun at all.  The battery powered air mattresses are great.

Disney Cars EZ Bed

Featuring Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen Cars Kids Air MattressCredit: amazon.comMany, many kids love Lightning McQueen and the other characters from the Disney movie Cars.  The racecar and his friends from Radiator Springs are all over anything a kid could need, including beds.  One of those types of beds is an air mattress with Lightning McQueen on the sleeping bag.  Like the others listed here, this kids bed inflates quickly, has a fitted sheet and sleeping bag cover, and includes a mesh side pocket to hold items during the night.  If your child loves Lightning McQueen - and who doesn't - then this would be a perfect fit for sleepovers, vacation, and camping.

Air Mattresses for Kids Make Traveling Easier

These air mattresses and others like them are easy to use and put away.  They each come in a convenient pouch and as long as you fold the bed back correctly, it is easy to place back in the pouch after use.  Once packaged, they do not take up much space and can be stored away very easily.

Also, the air mattresses shown here that are made with children in mind come with fitted sheets and sleeping bags that attached to the bed.  This way you do not have to pack your own sheets when traveling or camping.

Everyone knows that traveling can be a hassle.  You have to pack all your stuff up and figure our who is sleeping where.  If there are not enough beds for everyone, then someone is going to end up on the floor.  Things can be made easier with air mattresses, and things can be even more easy if a kid has a fun air mattress.

When it comes to camping, everyone is going to have to find a way to sleep on the ground in a tent.  Air mattresses have become increasingly popular.  A small kids air mattress will make everyone fit easier and add a little more excitement to an already fun night of camping.

So if you need a way for your kids to sleep during a vacation, sleepover, camping trip, take a look at these and other air mattresses.  They are cute, convenient, and easy to assemble.  When needing beds for kids, consider a kids air mattress.