One of the keys to having a great time out at the lake or pond with your child is to have good kids fishing poles.  Nothing is worse than loading up all of your fishing gear just to get to the water and find out that the little pole that your youngster is using is poorly made, flimsy, and breaks easily.  Fishing requires patience and a good attitude, but if the rod and reel that your child is using breaks or the line gets tangled, neither one of you will be in a good mood.  The most important thing in fishing is to have fun and enjoy the experience.  Some kids might want a cartoon fishing rod, while others might want something more authentic.

Where to Find Kids Fishing Poles

Kids fishing poles can be found at almost any place that sells outdoor equipment.  Places such as Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas, and Academy have many rods and reels that are good sizes for kids.  Plus, since these places specialize in outdoor adventures, the salespeople should be very knowledgable and help you find the right item for your child and family.

One of the benefits of shopping in a physical location is that you can hold and get a good feel of the fishing pole that your child will be using.  But if that is not of extreme importance to you, you can always find good childrens fishing poles online.  Amazon is a good place to start, as there are lots of options to choose from.  There are new and used poles of all shapes, sizes, and looks to choose from.

eBay is another place that can be helpful when looking for a fishing pole for your kid.  Like Amazon, there are new and used poles to be found, and sometimes you can buy the pole through an auction and get a good deal.

When making a purchase online, be sure that you thoroughly understand the return policies.  You do not want to get a new fishing pole, be excited about your next trip to the lake, then find out that the pole doesn't work and you have no way to return the thing.  Most places will work with you, but check out how to return an item just in case.

Shakespeare Kids Fishing Kits

Shakespeare (the company, not the playwright) makes a line of fishing kits for kids that feature popular characters from movies and television.  You might raise an eyebrow at the perceived quality of the pole when you first see the package, but in my experience, these fishing poles have held up well.  For the price that Shakespeare fishing poles are offered, these are great ways to introduce your child to fishing.  For a $15 investment, you can take your family out to the water, and even if the pole does not last forever, you can still get good value out of it.

Shakespeare fishing kits are lightweight, with a plastic reel.  There is enough line that a good, long cast is possible.  Also, each fishing kit comes with a practice casting plug, which is handy since you do not have to put on corks, weights, or hooks just to let your little angler practice their casting.  Of course, after a while they will want to try the real thing, but the casting plug can help out in the short term.

As mentioned, these kits feature popular television and movie characters, including Cars,

Cars Kids Fishing PoleCredit:


Snow White,

Snow White Kids Fishing PoleCredit:

and Spiderman.

Spiderman Kids Fishing PolesCredit:

These are just three examples, as others are available, such as Toy Story and Batman.  No doubt, you child will be even more excited about fishing with a fun fishing pole in hand.

Zebco Kids Fishing Poles

Zebco is one of the biggest names in fishing equipment.  For over 50 years, Zebco has been producing quality rods and reels, including kids fishing poles.  The poles are high quality and a great way to get your child or grandchild interested in the sport of fishing. 

A popular option is this Zebco Spincast Fishing Combo with TacklePak.

Zebco Kids Fishing Poles Spincast Fishing Combo with TacklePakCredit:

It is a 5 foot, 6 inch two-piece rod with a tackle wallet.  It has a 2.8:1 gear ratio with all metal gears.  Included is a stainless steel pickup pin, built in hook keeper, and a star adjustable drag.  It is pre-spooled with 10 pound monofilament line.  It is a heavier duty rod than the Shakespeare fishing poles and is a good way for kids to graduate to a bigger rod.

However, make no mistake, Zebco also offers kids fishing poles with TV and movie characters.  Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Diego, Garfield, and The Penguins of Madagascar themed rods are all available.  These are smaller poles than the Spincast above (30 inches long) and are made with smaller, beginner kids in mind.  Still, for the price, even if the fishing pole does not last forever, you can get a good bargain.

These are just a few of the great Zebco kids fishing poles available.  There are many others to choose from.

Good Kids Fishing Poles Can Leave a Significant Impact

Almost everyone who looks back on the times they spent fishing as a child has fond memories of that time.  Usually you were with parents, grandparents, and good childhood buddies.  Fishing is a time where, even as a kid, you can relax and forget about other things going on in your life.  A time at the pond is time that you bond with those close to you and enjoy nature.  Other small lessons like baiting a hook, casting a line, and even having a little patience are things that can last a lifetime.

As an adult, these are precious times to spend with the little ones in your life.  Kids all have different activities that give them a spark.  Some naturally love to fish, while others need some prompting.  If yours have shown an interest in fishing, or you have been wanting to take them out to get them some experience at the pond or lake, these kids fishing poles are great ways to get started.