If you want to call someone in China, the Keep Calling network lets you phone for under 2 cents per minute. You call an access phone number that is located in your area. Many major cities in the United States and Canada have one. They have local calling access numbers in 35 countries for use when traveling. If there isn't a local access number, you can call a toll free number for a slight premium cost per minute. Once you connect, you enter your secret PIN and then you call the person in China. Your call will cost you less than 2 cents per minute. You get great rates to people in other countries as well. You can even use the service to call someone in the United States or Canada for 1.5 cents per minute. There are no other fees or taxes, just the great rates per minute. To use the service, you register an account and prepay a dollar amount of your choice. There is no minimum amount that you have to buy. You may pay with American Express, VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit cards. You can also pay with PayPal. Your account is given a credit for the amount that you specify. Your credits never expire. When you have a credit balance, you can call someone in China for less than 2 cents per minute. This great rate is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no increases for popular calling times. This is really important for calls to China since the time change is such an issue with these calls.

There are a lot of cheap long distance providers that you can use. Keep Calling has some features that really set it apart. First the cost. They are very inexpensive. Calling China for less than 2 cents per minute is an amazing bargain. You can also set up speed dial numbers. Up to 10 of your most often called telephone numbers can be added to your account. This really speeds the dialing process. You can also program your telephone number into your account. This lets you call Keep Calling from your own phone without a pin. When you connect, the system automatically recognizes you. You begin dialing and get connected right away. When used with speed dialing, it gives lightning fast response to your calls. Keep Calling doesn't levy extra fees or taxes. Some of the other long distance services have a monthly charge in addition to your cost per minute. Others levy an extra charge per call or per minute. Others impose a charge when you don't use their services. Over time, this reduces and eliminates any credit that you may have with them. Keep Calling has none of these extra fees. You prepay a credit amount of your choice and start calling. If the cost to call China is 2 cents a minute, you get 1000 minutes to use when you want for $20. This same credit would give you 1500 minutes to any telephone in the United States. That's over 16.5 hours to China, 25 to the United States.

Another convenient feature that you may enjoy with Keep Calling is long distance cost budgeting. Since you prepay an amount for telephone calls, you can never be surprised with an excessive bill. If you have a $20 credit, that's all you can spend. This is a great way to control costs. For your money, you get a lot of talk minutes, more than 1000 minutes of call duration to China. When your credit is used up, you won't be charged any more money. You control when you next add credit to your account. Have you ever been shocked with a high balance owing on your long distance telephone bill? You won't be any more with Keep Calling. It's a great way to control monthly costs for you or perhaps your teenagers. Because there are no additional fees or taxes, your credit is easy to budget. You pay for calls and you get calls. It's a simple exercise to calculate the number of minutes you get. They don't melt away due to service charges. When you are traveling, you will really save money with Keep Calling. Most hotels still charge an extremely high amount for long distance calls you make from your hotel room. Just call the local access number for Keep Calling, connect your long distance call and pay less than 2 cents a minute. Your travel budget for long distance calls is under control too.

Keep Calling also offers a virtual phone number that you may consider. This gives you a telephone number in your home area which forwards to you where ever you are located. When someone calls you, (family members, friends or business clients), Keep Calling quickly switches the call to your telephone number that you have recorded in the system. You can change it anytime when you need to. This is a great way for you independent business consultants to have a published telephone number that is always available to clients when you travel. You can have a villa somewhere for a month and get your calls automatically. This is far cheaper than having clients call your mobile phone. The monthly rate is very reasonable and worth considering for those frequent travelers and those who spend a large amount of time away from their home area.

If you want to start calling your friends and family in the United States or around the world, give Keep Calling a shot. It is a great service. You can set up your account in minutes, establish a prepaid credit can start calling right away. You get great long distance rates that are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can set up speed dialing and even register your phone number with your account. You will find that Keep Calling takes the worry and delay out of long distance calling. These speed features are free to use. The virtual telephone number is an added cost that you may want to consider. You can use the service very easily with your existing telephone. You can even use it with your mobile phone.