Pioneer Services is a division of Mid Country Bank and is an online lender for military lending. Loans were specifically developed and designed to help military borrowers.

They are able to deliver no hassle personal loans to active duty military people as well as career retired members of all branches of military including; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Department of Defense. They engage customers that would like to borrow that have a strong credit history along with customers that may have realized some credit problems or issues.

The loans offered are from $500 to $10000. military loans present very competitive interest rates that are fixed with manageable repayment plans. The loans presented don’t require collateral. The nice thing about loans with PioneerServices is that military borrowers won’t have to give any personal property as collateral for their loans to be processed and completed.

The loan application process is fairly quick and easy to complete. Customers can apply for a military loan online from anywhere with their online application process.

There are several PioneerServices brick and mortar locations available for customers to use. Apply for a loan in a brick and mortar site and customers can potentially see their money as soon as the same day in most cases.

Now that military payday loans, military cash advance loans, car title loans and refund anticipation loans are less accessible for military personnel online stores like PioneerServices offer an alternative. They provide car loans, debt consolidation loans, personal loans and other military loans.

Military borrowers have different lifestyles that PioneerServices takes into account to develop a Military Scoring Model for structuring the loans their loan repayment. They know the unique lifestyles of the military and take this into account when judging credit worthiness and repayment options.

VA Home Loans are an option with this lender. Eligible active military or retired military borrowers can apply for VA loans. First time homebuyers, borrowers that need refinancing or even home improvements can find VA loans with this financier. One of the best things about working with this creditor is they are not working on commission for VA loans. Military borrowers can feel more confident that they are working for their personal benefit when constructing their loan.

There are several different promotions offered at any given time. Currently there is a 90 day repayment promotion where customers can waive their interest for personal loans. Loans that are paid back in 90 days or less have no interest applied for customers.

The website is approved by the BBB or Better Business Bureau. They have also won awards from the Secretary of Defense and are a Stevie Award Winner and ABA Financial Marketing Award.

This lender has a Military Loan Guarantee which is a no questions asked, no cost return policy for every loan offered to customers by PioneerServices. Customers that are not completely satisfied can cancel their military loan within 15 days at no cost to the customer.  They are confident enough that military personnel cannot find a better loan that they challenge military customers to have their loan reviewed with their chain of command or another financial institution.

For more than two decades military families have used PioneerServices. They have a dedication to providing some of the best military loans in the marketplace today.