Chosing The Best Online Dating Names

Most people know that having a great online dating name is crucial to making that first impression. It's sort of like putting your metaphoric best foot forward, it gives an indication of your personality and often times becomes a deal breaker and causes a potential love interest to become disinterested- if the right screen name isn't chosen.

A cool or cleaver dating name may not guarantee you a returned wink, email or even a first date, but it puts you well above the others who never gave their dating screen name a second thought or worse yet, thought that the more suggestive screen names would somehow attract a meaningful and potentially long term dating partner.

What Are the Characteristics of the Best Dating Names?: 

1. They are original. They aren't “Must Love Dogs”. It's already been taken, by a really famous movie so let's scratch that one and any other obvious movie references off the list.

2. They express an interest and are sometimes cryptic for good reason. If you love Soccer and are interested in maybe someone else who loves it too. Come up with a soccer reference that will resonate with a Soccer lover: DoYouVolley2 might be a cool dating name. Cryptic means that it causes the reader to wonder about the reference. Mystery creates intrigue and intrigue creates the click on your dating profile which could lead to something more.

How To Create A Cool Dating Name When You're Stuck:

Ok, let's say you're really stuck right now.

And it's fine, sometimes anxiety creates brain fog, the kind where you can't think up anything really interesting. Luckily there is a quick exercise which can get you creating some of the best dating site names you could ever think of.

1. Quickly list a number of adjectives which describe you or even describe the partner you'd like to meet in the future. To come up with more interesting synonyms to your adjectives use the thesaurus. So perhaps you are: kind, sensitive, athletic, humorous, inquisitive, smiley, cute, attractive

2. Now list a few nouns that describe you and hopefully your potential partner. The more descriptive the better, perhaps even list subsets of your hobby that are specific to what you enjoy (this is where the cleaver comes in).

They could include, marathon runner, 26.1, 13, fly, private pilot, altitude, altimeter, espresso, double shot, french roast, decaf, caffeine, knitter, sewer, top stitch, seamstress, flowers, Calalilly. So let's say from this list you love coffee and alternatively you'd like to be able to enjoy coffee with your potential online date. You_Me_Coffee, really says it all.

Or say your favorite flower is the callalily, perhaps you could be Smiley_Callalily. Be sure to do a search on the possible screen names you've decided. If at all possible, you want to pick something someone else hasn't chosen. It may make you look a little unoriginal if yo useu the screen name someone else chose first, but then add something like 1973 (ie, Joe_1973), because someone got to the dating screen name Joe first.

So, you see having a great online dating name is possible, when you go through the steps to brainstorm to come up with original ideas.