Of course, you probably know that there are ways to watch Oprah Winfrey show episodes online, right from the comfort of your computer. Hey, we are coming up on 25 years of the best talk TV program in history, at least in my opinion. Look at how the world has changed just since she started her talk program. I'd like to share a few places you can watch the program, some tidbits of background, and a few of my favorite Oprah Winfrey show episodes of all time, where you can here some of her most famous inspirational sayings.

Where to watch:

You can watch Oprah Winfrey show episodes from your TV of course, but it's really hard at times to fit it into a schedule. We all lead such hectic lives. Fortunately, there is a great way to watch the weekly programs free from your computer. Here's where to watch Oprah Winfrey show episodes online, so you can get your fill of the Queen of daytime television.

· Check out oprah.com to watch Ms. Winfrey's show episodes online. This is her official site, and you can catch any programs you missed during the week. It's a great way to get your fill when you cannot be by the television when it's airing. There are some other sites of course, where you can catch the TV segments you may have missed.

· Another great site to watch full Oprah Winfrey show episodes online is tvguide.com. You can watch free of charge, so it won't end up costing you a dime. You will be able to catch entire segments, or fast forward and reverse to catch only the interviews and segments you want to see.

· A simple internet search will give you access to plenty of free places to watch full Oprah Winfrey show episodes online. You will find hundreds of sources, so you won't run out of options. Plenty of site air them for fee.


This is really just a small tidbit of the daytime TV queen's background and how she was able to get started. There is extensive information available online for further details about her upbringing, life in general, and past controversies. I'm only going to dive into a few odds and ends, but rest assured you can find further details, should you wish to.

Oprah Winfrey show episodes first aired nationally in 1986. The program actually got its roots in 1983 on a TV program called AM Chicago. The program was a huge success, which led to the national airings. This is where the program as most people know it truly began. It really started a television journey of incredible ratings and reviews that no other talk program can compare to.

There have been about 3,800 Oprah Winfrey show episodes broadcasted nationally so far. She has agreed to continue the program through the 2011 season. She has openly stated she does not intend to renew her program at that time. This will mean the end of a TV era. It will be 25 solid year of topnotch talk television. The program has faced stiff competition for many years, but Oprah Winfrey show episodes have pretty consistently beat out all the others in terms of ratings.

Notable shows:

There are several notable Oprah Winfrey episodes that have gained a certain amount of notoriety of the years. Some were for good reason, while others were more about the press trying to create a story. Let's take a look at some of the most notable segments in television history.

· Tom Cruise: In 2005 the queen of daytime television conducted an interview with actor/icon Tom Cruise. Cruise bounced around on the coach, where the interviews are generally conducted, professing his love for Katie Holmes. Quite honestly, he looked like a goofy little kid. The results of this Oprah Winfrey show episode were quite bad for Cruise, although it did not seem to really harm his career much. The clips were played over and over again on national news programs. It really wasn't any sort of controversy, but it painted Cruise as crazy.

· Mad cow disease: These Oprah Winfrey show episodes aired in the late 90's. She went on to state that she was essentially done eating burgers, just as many others had stated on various programs. She was sued for her comments, but was acquitted of all charges. At the time, there was a gag order in place, so the Oprah Winfrey show episodes could make no mention of the lawsuit in any way.

· In 1993 Michael Jackson made an appearance on an Oprah Winfrey show episode to talk about his skin pigmentation disease known as vitiligo. This was the single highest rated Oprah Winfrey show episode. Jackson was possibly the biggest star in the world at the time of the interview.

· KFC controversy: On one Oprah Winfrey show episode she told her viewers of a free offer from KFC for some free chicken. Viewers could go to her site and download the coupons. KFC apparently was unable to meet the demands, since so many people downloaded the coupons following the comments on the Oprah Winfrey show episode. The promotion was cancelled and it started a bit of a controversy for KFC.

· There have been many memorable Oprah Winfrey show episodes that did not involve celebrities or controversy of any sort. In many of these cases, the segments have been with regular people, some suffering from disease or having endured extreme hardship. If you ask 50 people to select their favorite Oprah Winfrey show episode, you will most likely get 50 different answers. Different interviews and segments hold special significance to many people.

Oprah Winfrey show episodes have been airing for about 25 years now, although only 22 years have been broadcast nationally. There has been some controversy over the years, but for the most part, the show has remained quite consistent. Oprah Winfrey show episodes have achieved ratings that cannot be paralleled and likely never will. You can watch the program on your TV or online, depending on what avenue works best for you. You will find thousands of segments ready to watch from the comfort of home.