Heartburn affects approximately 1 in 18 people in the United States1, so if you're looking for a remedy, you certainly aren't alone. While heartburn is not a medical condition in and of itself, it can make ordinary daily activities extremely unpleasant. Heartburn is actually a symptom of gastro esophageal reflux (GERD). It is important to consult with your doctor if you suffer from heartburn regularly, because untreated GERD can have permanent effects on the body. Once you are under the care of a physician, or if you experience heartburn only occasionally, the discomfort can frequently be treated at home with natural remedies.

Natural Remedy

An Apple (or Celery Stalk) a Day...

There are many whole, natural foods that people recommend to alleviate heartburn. Because they aren't medications or substances, dosages aren't usually given by the people who pass these tips on. Try eating a regular serving of one of these fruits or vegetables and see if your symptoms improve:

  • apples
  • bananas
  • celery
  • papaya
  • potatoes

Remember, these should be fresh, ripe, unprocessed items in order to truly provide health benefits to your body. You may wish to experiment with other forms of produce to see what helps you. Always keep dietary restrictions in mind if you have other underlying or chronic health conditions, but in general, consuming small to moderate amounts of fresh fruits and veggies is safe and healthful.

Catch Flies with Honey, Treat Heartburn with Vinegar

One natural remedy for heartburn that many people have heard of is apple cider vinegar. The reason so many people have a hard time accepting this as a remedy is that it's counterintuitive: If heartburn is caused by excess stomach acid, why would adding more acid to the stomach help? The theories on this vary, and even doctors seem unclear on their explanations. Some theorize that heartburn pain is not caused by excess acid, but by too little acid, which causes undigested food and stomach juices to back up in the esophagus, causing irritation. Others suggest that the pH of vinegar adjusts the acidity of the imbalanced stomach juices to the proper level for digesting food.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, this treatment is so safe and inexpensive that it's certainly worth a try. If you can tolerate the extremely sour bite of vinegar, you can take a spoonful of it straight. Most people prefer to chase it with water or juice, or dissolve it in a glass of beverage. A spoonful or so can help sweeten it even more, if necessary

One Order of Toast, Burnt

Some people swear by burnt toast or a burnt tortilla to treat heartburn symptoms. It is believed that burning grains creates a charcoal-like substance that really helps to neutralize and absorb acids in the stomach. It isn't proven and may not work for anyone, but for a few pennies, it's certainly worth a try.

Hopefully, one of these recommendations will do the trick, but if not, continue your research. There is so much nutrition information available now, from natural home remedies to quick weight loss tips, that you're sure to find what works for you and hopefully avoid unnecessary chemical medications.