Did you know creating different streams of income can be accomplished with some great passive income ideas? If you search the web you will find plenty of the best, proven passive income opportunities and figure out just how to generate passive income every single month. I share my best ideas here and my hope is that this article will inspire you to become a passive income generator machine – enough to possibly live off of your investments one day.

What is Passive Income?

This is money you make each month that doesn’t require your presence and it requires little to no effort from you.

Some passive earnings require more effort than others in the beginning, such as blogging online for money. An example of the easiest form of passive earnings with no effort would be investing in a bond or exchange traded fund which pays a high yield.

Why You Need Some Income That is Passive

The term “job security” is becoming extinct. With the economy still in the dumps, no signs of improvement in the job market and people getting laid off all the time - you just don’t know what can happen.

It’s a good idea to create some safety income for yourself and your family just in case. Then even if you do get laid off, you will still have some money coming in as a safety net.

I’ve heard too many stories of people losing their jobs, then losing their homes and so on. It’s really heartbreaking and it doesn’t have to happen. You can create different streams of income to lessen the risk of this happening.

How to Generate Passive Income - What are the Best Passive Income Opportunities?

Generating earnings that are passive isn’t exactly easy, but the good news Great Passive Income Ideas – Creating Different Streams of IncomeCredit: freemoneywithpassiveincome.blogspot.comis it’s very possible and just takes some time and learning.  

Below are all ways you can instantly create different streams of income to diversify from your normal “earned” income – that is, money you make from your job.

Take note that some passive earnings need money upfront to start, while some do not.

#1 - REAL ESTATE PASSIVE INCOME From Multifamily Investing

This requires you have some capital to invest, but if you do have money saved you should definitely consider investing in real estate.

The biggest reason I like real estate investing is the income it provides. For example, let’s say you buy a triplex – a three-unit investment property that is rented out to tenants.

You purchase the property for $90,000 and put down 20 percent or $18,000 and get a mortgage for the rest.  If your property yields a 20 percent “cash on cash” return, then you can expect to make roughly $3,600 a year in passive income from your property!

You will also build up equity in your home and you can use that equity to buy other income producing properties if you wish. This will build up your net worth very quickly.

The disadvantage to this is that you actually need the money to start, in most cases. You also have to do your own research in which market you want to invest in and you must hire the right people to manage your property if you don’t want to manage it yourself.

However, despite these “disadvantages” I still consider real estate investing one of best ways to get a passive income stream. After you do the initial work, you should have a steady flow of money coming in each month without your presence or effort required.

For more on real estate investing check out this article on why real estate is still the best investment for 2013 and onward!

Best Book on Real Estate Income Investing

Passive Income Through Blogging Online

#2 Blogging for Money Online

Great Passive Income Ideas - Blogging for Passive IncomeCredit: vincentstlouis.com

Another great passive income idea to generate income every month is by blogging online on sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages and here at InfoBarrel.

Like real estate investing, this is passive income generator that works – but requires your effort and time, in the beginning at least. However, unlike real estate investing, *blogging for income requires very little to no money at all to start!

The best bloggers at InfoBarrel like JCMayer77 earn over $3,000 passive income per month from blogging. Other earn less but most people who stay here and keep writing earn at least something every month.

You also don’t have to be the best writer to blog for money – you just have to be willing to learn about keyword research and search engine optimization, so you can increase your ability to generate passive income online.

This is one of the best passive income stream ideas I can think of because anyone can do it and again, it doesn’t require money to begin. Get started now and try it for yourself by joining InfoBarrel.

Best Book on Blogging for Passive Income

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income
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Blogging for Income

My Blog Traffic Sucks! 8 Simple Steps to Get 100,000 Blog Visitors without Working 8 Days a Week
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A great read on blogging for passive income, this book will teach you how to get the most money out of your work.

#3 Passive Income through Peer to Peer Lending

Another way to get passive earnings every month is to be a lender – that is, lend money to borrowers and earn interest on the money.

You can do this easily now on Peer-to-Peer Lending sites such as LendingClub and Prosper. You are essentially replacing the banks as the middle man and doing a direct lender-borrowing deal.

This is great for borrowers because they get a competitive rate and people with bad credit can also apply for a cash loan. The borrower could be someone who is looking to consolidate their credit card debt or they might need the money for house repairs. You get a detailed grade on the persons credit and the reason they need the money.

For the lender, they get returns anywhere from 8 to 12 percent a year on their money. With the stock market barely returning anything the past couple of years, you can see why this is an attractive option for some investors. You also get paid out every month, and you don’t have to do anything. It is the easiest form of passive income you can make I think.

#4 Passive income Through Investing – Invest in High Dividend Paying ETFs

Another way to earn income passively it to invest it. This is a little riskier than direct peer to peer lending because investing involves the potential loss of your capital. But if you know what you’re doing you can make easy passive income every month.

I like investing in a high quality, low risk dividend paying ETF (exchange traded fund). think this is a great passive income idea – an easy stream of income – for a couple of reasons.

First, these ETFs pay out a nice dividend, some paying it out every single month. You lessen the risk of owning stocks by owning an ETF, which contains a high number of equity investments. 

One example is the Global X SuperDividend ETF (SDIV). This high-yielding, monthly dividend paying ETF currently pays 7.5 percent annually! If you put down $5,000, for example, you can expect to make $54 a month in passive income for not doing anything. 

Although you need the money to invest, I think it’s certainly worth it. You are getting money every single month in your bank account, passively. There is very little chance of losing all your money because an ETF holds many different assets to mitigate this risk. This is a different stream of income that I think every person should consider adding!

Best Books on Passive Income Investing

I got started investing for passive income after I read several great books on passive income. Thankfully there are a ton of great books out there to help you get motivated and help you learn!

Passive Income 101: a story of paying for college without selling your soul
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Just $2.99. This will be the best $3 you ever spend, I promise you that!

What to look for in a home-based business:

• The potential of network marketing.
• The importance of cash flow.
• How to create easily duplicated systems.
• Methods for addressing people afraid of Get Rich Quick Scams and Pyramid Schemes.
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 Thanks for reading - hopefully after reading this article on Great Passive Income Ideas, you will be ready to Create Different Streams of Income for yourself!