Sometimes babysitting around the house can get a bit boring and you just need to find somewhere else to go. There are many great places around your community where you can bring the kids that will surely allow them to have a great fun time.

Indoor fun

Be sure that you have permission to take the children someplace as you don’t want to violate a parent’s rules. If you are sure to ask in advance, parents will have time to think it over and decide if it is okay. It is also great so that if you are going to be taking the kids to a place that costs money they can decide if that is something they want to spend money on. However once you get the parent’s permission there are a great variety of places you can take the children you are babysitting.

The park or playground is always a great option as there is always plenty to do there. With all the playground equipment available like swings and slides, the park is a kid’s dream! Be sure that you are watching the kids at all times and making sure they are playing safely. You don’t want to have to worry about handling injuries so make sure safety is of your upmost concern. Playgrounds are a great place to take children as it allows them to run around and use up some of their energy, which the parent’s will be thankful for at the end of the day when it comes time to put the kids to bed.

Have fun with the kids you babysit.

Another great place to go is the pool. If your community has a community swimming pool, it is a great place to bring the kids on a nice warm day. Be sure that you are thinking safety here as well. If the kids need water floaters or life jackets make sure you bring them. Also sunscreen and water are must haves if you are going to be spending time out in the sun. Swimming is a great activity for the kids as most love playing in water, just be sure you keep a close eye on them. If you are watching smaller children you should be prepared to get in the water with them as a safety precaution.

The zoo is always a fun place to bring the kids as they usually love seeing all the animals there.  The zoo is usually good for a couple hours of fun. The petting zoo is a great place for kids to be able to interact with animals in a generally safe environment. Be sure that when they are done playing with the animals they use hand sanitizer or wash their hands to protect them from germs. The zoo’s wide selection of animals like monkeys, bears, zebras, and lions are usually enough to amuse the kids and they will love every minute of being at the zoo.

Backyard Activites

Simple things like taking walks or going on an ice cream run are also great activities that allow the kids to get out of the house. Being cooped up in the house all day can get a bit boring so even if you are only going out for a little bit, it makes the day go a whole lot easier.

There are so many great kid-friendly places to bring your babysitting charges in your community. Be sure that you have permission from their parents before you take them out of the house, but once you have the permission be ready to have some fun. Kids love doing things like going to the park or to the zoo and it will make your babysitting job pass quite a bit faster than if you were just sitting at the house watching the kids.