Riding off the coattails of the festivities of the previous year, January represents newness and a new year for travelers to take full advantage of. Whether you decide to stay in the United States, or travel to a vacation spot overseas, you can rest assured that January is typically inundated with enticing vacation deal offers that should make any traveler salivate. While the world may be generally consumed by the coldest month, you can certainly use traveling as an opportunity to evade the specific climate that you are accustomed to: for those just above the equator, you may actually even prefer a vacation hotspot that offers such fun activities like skiing or ice skating.

Whether traveling alone, or with a family or significant other, pull out a map (or do a Google search) and let these recommendations provide you with a start to your January vacationing considerations.

New York City, New York

In January, you can rest assured that you won't find a warm climate or temperature in New York City, New York. This festive, booming, location may fit your fancy if you are accustomed to the hot Southern climates and need just a little break. While absolutely inundated with people during December and the New Year, the amassing of people will begin to dwindle just in time for this location to be a consideration of yours for January. Even though the end of the year celebrations will be over, in January you can still plan out a New York City walking tour where you can see some remnant decorations, like general street Christmas decorations and the Rockerfeller Center Christmas tree, just before they are removed to greet a new year.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Enriched in deep history and culture, San Juan, Puerto Rico represents the complete opposite end of the climate continuum. For Northernmost travelers, this hot vacationing spot may prove to be really quite enjoyable, and expected hotel deals and airfaire competition make it an extremely affordable option that many take advantage of in January. Quick and easy access can be had to Puerto Rico, at least to Americans, because absolutely no passport is needed to visit. This means that you will not have to fumble around waiting for a passport to arrive, especially if your travel plans were really quite impromptu. Whether you stick to San Juan, or venture out into neighboring cities and areas in Puerto Rico, you can rest assured that a typically cold month can be quickly and painlessly reverted into a Summer vacation filled with warm activities like jet skiing and lounging out by a pool.