Practical jokes, gags and pranks have been in play for years between people of all ages. They are a way to make us laugh and provide some pretty good entertainment. The practical joke has developed dramatically over time and you now have even more hilarious gags to play on your friends, family or co workers. Just a few short years ago the only way to get your hands on some of the best pranks to pull, was by reading a book. Today we now have the entire world at our finger tips with the use of the internet. All you have to do to find your next prank is to Google some ideas. Just type in "practical joke idea" and you will be overwhelmed by results.

What kind of practical joke you select will most of the time depend on who you are doing it on. If it is a co worker at your job, you must make sure the joke isn't against any company policies or could be offensive to anyone witnessing the prank. As a more subtle idea go to your co workers desk or cubicle and hook all of their paperclips together. This way when he or she goes for one, an entire string of paperclips will come out! If your office or work place has an umbrella rack you can fill an umbrella full of a bunch of smaller things and then close it back up. When the next person goes for the umbrella they will have one heck of a mess to clean up.

A popular practical joke amongst teens and college students is to cling wrap someone to their bed while they are sleeping. You will definitely need to target a heavy sleeper on this one though and never cover the persons face. You want to scare them not kill them! If you want to stick with the cling wrap them you can use this for a bathroom prank as well. Place the cling wrap over the toilet bowl, under the seat, and make sure it is free from all creases. When the person goes to use the restroom, what comes out doesn't exactly go where they want it to! This prank can be very unsanitary though so always be prepared to clean it up! Hop online today and find your next practical joke to pull.