Becoming a successful real estate investor often hinges on your ability to locate the best real estate leads in the best markets. This is a critical component to your making it in this dynamic and potentially lucrative market. Any any given time there are many great commercial and residential investment properties available, wether they be residential, office space or even retail, but you will still have to sort through them to find the best deals. If you would like to invest in office space, for example, it will be necessary to find a nice office building in a desirable location at a great price. You will want your office building to be located in a part of town that has other office buildings as well. Although it may at first sound like it's hard to find exactly what you're looking for, it's frequently not.

Finding great real estate leads can often be confusing to many people. There is often the belief that in order to get these great leads you need to subscribe to expensive lead generation services or even be "in the know." Thankfully, you don't have to use any complex methods; sometimes simple really is better. Thankfully, obtaining these leads doesn't require the outlay of a large wad of cash either.

Simple advertising is one method you can use. You can easily take out a want ad in a local periodical or internet site such as Craig's List to get the word out that you are looking for a particular type of property. It's often surprising to many people to see the response from such a basic ad. And even if people don't respond right away, they will often remember your ad when suddenly a friend or family member wants to quickly sell a property. You can get a lot of "bang for your buck" out of simple advertisements.

Another easy to implement (and free) strategy you can use to pull in real estate leads is simple word of mouth. Definitely tell a lot of folks what you are looking for and the word will get around. This simple strategy is particularly useful if you live in a small community although it can be implemented in a city as well. Although most of the people you talk to about what you're interested in probably won't have any property for sale, they are likely to know of a person who does.

Thankfully, locating great real estate leads does not have to be either complicated or expensive. You don't need to keep tabs on the upcoming foreclosures in your neighborhood and you definitely don't need an expensive lead generation service.