When it comes to roller skates for women, there are basically two types: quad skates and inline skates. The quad skates have the wheels in a 2x2 pattern while the inline rollerblades have all 4 wheels placed in a single line! The main difference between these two types of women’s rollerblades is what they were meant for. The quad roller skates were meant for casual riding, and the inline skates were meant for fast speeds and aggressive turns.

Women should choose their roller blades based on their intentions. Inline roller skates are perfect for women that want to go for a leisurely skate around their neighbourhood, and quad roller skates are ideal for those that want to take high speed turns and want to skate aggressively!

I am not writing this article to refer you to specific products; I am simply writing it to provide you with the facts about women’s rollerblades. Keeping these fact in mind will allow you to make the most educated purchase!

Women’s Quad Skates Will Provide You With A Retro Feel

Women that lived throughout the 1970’s will remember the arenas that rented out quad roller skates for a hefty price. These arenas were the places to be during the 70’s. Many people met their spouses there and actually shared a ton of memories!

With that being said, a 2x2 pair of quad roller skates will allow you to feel like you are living throughout the 70s.

What makes these rollerblades even sweeter is the fact that they can be purchased on Amazon for about $30!

Please remember that these rollerblades are meant for casual riding and not riding at high speeds or making sharp turns! These quad roller skates are meant for women that want to take a relaxing ride around the neighbourhood!

Choose Rollerblades With ABEC 3 Wheel Bearings-Wheels Spin Easier Which Means Less Pushing By You!

All wheels contain bearings, regardless of whether they are on the pair of inline rollerblades or quad roller skates. The ABEC rating basically describes how easily the wheels will spin and how long that they will continue spinning for. A higher ABEC rating means that the wheels will spin much easier.

With that being said, wheels that spin easier mean that you will have to push less.

For instance, a woman that is wearing a pair of rollerblades that have an ABEC 1 rating will probably be able to glide for about 2 seconds after each stride. This means that she will be taking strides every 2 seconds. On the other hand, a woman that is wearing a pair of rollerblades that have an ABEC 3 rating will be able to glide for a full 5 seconds after each stride.

Better wheel bearings translate to the women doing less work!

K2 Offers Some Great Inline Skates For Girls That Take Aggressive Turns

I mentioned the fact that inline rollerblades were meant for women that plan on riding in an aggressive factor; however, there are even different degrees of aggressive inline skates that can be purchased!

Just because you have bought a pair of inline skates doesn`t mean that you can ride at high speeds and make sharp turns!

K2 rollerblades were designed for aggressive riding. Everything from the reinforced ankle structure to the fast spinning ABEC wheel bearings allows rollerbladers to take their riding to a whole new level! To top it off, the K2 inline skates sell for affordable prices...Take a look on Amazon to see for yourself!

Choose Adjustable Roller Skates For Young Girls With Growing Feet

Parents will be the first to say that their children`s feet grow between 1 and 2 sizes every year! From a parent`s perspective, buying a pair of rollerblades for their daughter would be a complete waste of money if she was going to outgrow them within as little as a few months.

However, many rollerblading companies have spotted this problem, and come up with a valuable solution!

Many companies have released adjustable roller skates that actually allow you to change the size of the boot to best fir your daughter`s feet. This means that you can buy your daughter a pair of rollerblades when she has a size 4 foot, and allow her to use the same rollerblades when her foot size has increased to 6 or 7!

At the end of the day, there are benefits to buying inline and quad roller skates. They are each meant for a different purpose, but are both intended for a specific audience. I would highly recommend that you weigh out both of your options before making a decision, and use the facts and tips that are described throughout this article when you are deciding.

Buying roller skates for women can be disastrous without the right information...keep certain things in mind (adjustable boot, wheel bearings, quad or inline) and you will surely be happy about what you have bought!