In today's economic times, we have to put into perspective the things we need. With that perspective comes less money afforded for the recreational things we want. If you find your monthly mp3 downloading site to be too expensive for your tight budget, or you don't feel you should have to pay for music, here's a few sites you can use to download free music.

1.) The first site is I recommend this site as the best choice. Now, it is not as organized as other downloading sites, and you'll probably need to know the name of the song rather than just the artist in order to get an accurate search. But the site allows you to listen to the song while you're downloading, so you'll immediately if this is the song you wanted, as opposed to other free downloading sites when you're trying to download your favorite song, and it ends up being a home-made remix. Also, you don't have to worry about viruses - I've never encountered a virus while using the site, but I would recommend only downloading from the file location "4shared" if you can.

2.) If you're feeling guilty about downloading music, is a great site. Through the site, you can donate money to the artists of your choice, and unlike mp3raid you can search for your music by genre. However, it is not the easiest place to search for music - it only contains artists who have authorized the download of their music on jamendo. You also have to sign up in order to download, while mp3raid allows you to download without signing up.

3.) Another great site is On the site, you can remix your favorite songs and it is probably the best of all remixing sites. If you get a little bored with your playlist, you can have a lot of fun with this site.

Although a CD still has better audio quality than ANY digital track, some of us don't have the spending money to shell out for CDs or mp3s every month. Hope this article helped for those of us on a budget they need our music to get through the day.