Many people have most of their Christmas shopping done by now, so it is time to think about some great stocking stuffer ideas. I love to have stockings hanging over the fireplace on Christmas Eve. It seems sometimes that the anticipation of Christmas morning is actually more exciting than the day itself. I diverge, however, picking out cool gifts for the stocking can be lots of fun. If you want to put a little something different in the stocking this year, I have some great stocking stuffer ideas for you.

This time of year it tends to be very cold outside. The farther north you go, the colder it gets. Keep this in mind when buying stocking stuffers. Wool hats, socks, scarves, and gloves always make for a handy and useful gift. Ear muffs, tights, and leg warmers come in handy too. For another great stocking stuffer idea, throw in some HotHands hand warmer products for a little extra love, and if the recipient of this gift has never heard of HotHands hand warmers they will discover a new must have product. Any of these great stocking stuffer ideas fit rather nicely inside of just about any stocking.

Great stocking stuffer ideas for kids can be difficult if you don't have any of your own. Here are some popular ideas. Silly Bandz are enjoyed by both kids and teens. They like to collect them and play with them in school. There are plenty of other great stocking stuffer ideas for the smaller kids. Hexbugs, Walkie Talkie's, Crazy Tattoo's for hands, and Pet's View Camera's are loved by boys. Cute Band-Aids, expandable washcloths, kaleidoscopes, toy cameras, sidewalk chalk, dolls, and bubble bath soaps are always a hit with girls.

Some great stocking stuffer ideas for teens can includes accessories for their game systems and iPods. All teens love money and gift cards. Personalized M&Ms with their boyfriend or girlfriends picture on it is a perfect stocking stuffer. Cool tampon cases or scented pens for the girls, and The Man's Manual or a Ticket Stub Diary for the guys. They can all be found at Uncommon Goods on the net along with many other great stocking stuffer ideas.

For college kids, any gift that helps them have a better experience in school is an excellent idea. A beer cozy and a bottle opener ring is a funny, but great stocking stuffer idea. An iPod is just the perfect size to slide into a stocking. A little black book makes a cool gift as well. Toss in an Echo Smartpen and watch their eyes widen. Toss in some Bananagrams and a deck of cards for those boring days when they are stuck inside. You will be so hip and loved for your great stocking stuffer ideas.

Great stocking stuffer ideas for the woman in your life should come from the heart. Oh wouldn't a Kindle be a nice stocking surprise. A few other great stocking stuffer ideas are a monogramed purse hanger and a monogramed purse mirror. How about Victoria Secret's Super Model Luggage Tags. Another wonderful stocking stuffer is a cool passport cover, or a nice shiny wallet just for her. Toss in some sexy lingerie just for you while you are at it.

Great stocking stuffer ideas for him includes some sexy man briefs. Maybe a unique wall mounted bottle opener for his bar. How about a unique flash drive dependent upon his taste. A hero maker doll of himself or you makes for an interesting gift. Tickets for a day at the Go-Kart arena for him and his best friend is more than a great stocking stuffer idea. He will love you for letting him explore the kid in himself. A remote control key locator and a monogram key fob is a great stocking stuffer idea for the man that has the perfect ride. Add a rocking cool headphone and buy his favorite new CD to enjoy when the kids get to loud. Be creative in whatever gift you come up with for his stocking, and he will appreciate how much thought was put into his gifts.