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When looking for a unique gift to give to a woman or teenage girl, Taylor Swift-focused gifts may be at the top of the list. She is one of the most popular artists today and young people, especially young girls love her. Receiving one of her albums, guitar, or even her likeness in the form of a doll would bring joy to those who are a party of her fan club (officially and unofficially). These gifts are something her fans will treasure for years to come. Kept long enough and in good condition, they are also items that could become collector items in the future. Although Taylor Swift is very popular and there are many things one could buy that represent her, these are a few that are quite memorable, unique and special.

Taylor Swift (W/Dvd) (Dlx) [Deluxe Edition, Extra tracks]

Taylor Swift (W/Dvd) (Dlx) [Deluxe Edition, Extra tracks]Credit:

Since she is a very popular singer, a fan should never be without her albums. This is Taylor’s debut album, with bonuses. This album includes songs written by Taylor Swift herself, while other songs are her own rendition of popular songs particularly those by Tim McGraw. This audio CD includes two discs, which are filled with lovely music sung in her captivating voice. This album will demonstrate Taylor Swift’s maturity in choosing the type of songs to offer to her fans. This album even includes the phone conversation with Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw, behind the scenes during the making of the album and videos of performances during concerts and shows. This album is all packed with Taylor Swift’s goodness as an artist and as a person. Any fan will surely love to receive this audio CD and cherish it for a long time.


Autographed TAYLOR SWIFT Fearless Signed CD

Autographed TAYLOR SWIFT Fearless Signed CDCredit:


Any rock star fan would do just about anything to get an autographed item from their favorite entertainer. For a Taylor Swift fan, this signed CD is definitely a great gift to receive. The best part about receiving this autographed gift is that he or she did not have to spend hours in the cold or extreme heat being mauled by a crowd of people to get it. This CD entitled ‘Fearless’ is that latest release of Taylor Swift  following in the footsteps of the success of her other hits like Romeo and Juliet. This CD includes the best of her latest songs with photos of Taylor Swift. The signature is authentic because it is hand signed by Taylor Swift herself. This will be a great collection for an authentic Taylor Swift fan. Both Taylor’s all time favorite songs plus the original signature makes this gift priceless.     

Taylor Swift 2011 Square Wall Calendar

Taylor Swift 2011 Square Wall CalendarCredit:

This calendar features different photos of Taylor Swift  and is a perfect gift for any Taylor Swift fan. It contains 24 pages of calendar ad glossy photos of Taylor Swift. It measures 11.8 x 11.7 x 0.2 inches. It can be hung in the bedroom, living room or just about anywhere one can think of. Though this is for the year 2011, there will surely be an issue for the next year and other years to come. Taylor Swift is very popular and will definitely have lots more of calendars and posters to come out in the market. Once the year is over, the photos can be used as posters. Each month, the photo of Taylor Swift changes. So, you will get 12 glossy photos of Taylor Swift for you to collect and hang on your wall. Any fan will enjoy looking at these photos as these will show the best beauty of Taylor Swift.


Unique and Special Gifts For Your Special Someone


Mini Guitar TAYLOR SWIFT Acoustic

Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor, BT2, Mahogany, NaturalCredit:

Other than being a wonderful singer, Taylor Swift is also a gifted guitar player. Any fan would like to get a guitar that looks exactly like hers. This mini guitar looks like Taylor Swift’s guitar and will definitely be a hit for any fan. If you are thinking of what gift to give for a Taylor Swift fan, this is undoubtedly the best one to give. This guitar is handcrafted out of mahogany wood so it is both beautiful and sturdy. It is also airbrushed to give it a high gloss finish. The Taylor Swift guitar measures 10 inches tall and is only display. This is a non-playable, ornament that can be added to other Taylor Swift gift collection such as the dolls, bracelet or pinned on a t-shirt.  Best of all, it includes a stand so that you will not have a difficult time displaying it. This is considered as a collector’s item and will surely increase its value in no time. These are also in very short supply so you should get one while you can.


Taylor Swift "You Belong with Me" Singing Doll

Taylor Swift "You Belong with Me" Singing DollCredit:

Dolls are very popular among girls, and doll collectors. However, when one is a fan of a certain artist, anything that is connected to the artist will surely be a great collection for the fan. As with any other artists who have become extremely popular, Taylor Swift also has her own doll version. This gift is perfect for little girls or adults who are fans of Taylor Swift. This beautiful doll is singing the song ‘You Belong with Me’ which makes it a perfect Taylor Swift doll. This doll set has nine pieces which includes guitar, singing doll, dress, and pair of earrings, pair of shoes, bracelet and hairbrush. This doll is one of the most popular items in the line of Taylor Swift products and you can tell why by just looking at it. For its price, it is really a great buy especially for fanatics. This doll set is not suitable for kids under three years old because there are small parts included. This can be given to an older child, teenager or adult; it is perfect as long as the person who will receive it loves Taylor Swift. This can be a great addition to the collection of Taylor Swift items to cherish.

Taylor Swift “Our Song” Singing Doll

"Our Song" singing dollCredit:


Rolling Stone Taylor Swift Framed PictureCredit:

30.5 by 40 inch Rolling Stone Poster



Unique and Special Gifts For Your Special Someone