Dublin: A Weekend Itinerary

Hill of TaraCredit: Victoria DeLone

There are so many great things to do in Dublin. If you only have a weekend to visit this city, it is still possible to see and do much of what Dublin has to offer. 

1. Take a day tour. I highly recommend a tour of the Celtic Boyne Valley.  You can find information and choose the right one for you at the visitors center in Dublin. There are tours to the Irish cliffs, castles, whiskey tastings, adventure bike tours, and more. The "Celtic Boyne Valley Tour" will take you to the Hill of Tara (where the old celtic kings ruled), Monasterboise (a religious site with high crosses), Trim Castle (where Braveheart was filmed), a few old churches (with amazing backstories) and will end in the historic town of Drogheda before dropping everyone off in Dublin again. This tour is fantastic for a history buff or for someone who loves to take pictures of lush landscapes. The green Irish countryside is the perfect backdrop for photographing 800-year-old castles. 

Irish High CrossCredit: Victoria DeLone


2. Go the the Guinness Museum (Guinness Storehouse). This is a really fun stop if you are a big beer drinker, or just looking to experience some Irish heritage. First, the museum takes you through the process of making the beer. For example, the ingredients, and the process used to make Guinness. The history of Guinness about its founder is a real highlight. Finally, you will learn how the beer is shipped out all over the world. At the end of the museum tour, a beer connoisseur will show you how to properly taste a Guinness. After you receive your complimentary tasting, if you go up to the "gravity bar" you will learn how to pour your own Guinness properly. Then you can enjoy the view of Dublin from a 360 degree glass-walled bar overlooking the city. 

Guinness MuseumCredit: Victoria DeLone

3. Take a peek at Trinity College. The school was founded in 1592! Walk around the campus and pop into a few buildings. Despite being in the middle of bustling Dublin, the atmosphere is very tranquil and collegiate. Although walking around campus is quite nice, there are also a few things to do. Within the old library The Book of Kells is displayed. There's also a zoological museum and a very nice book store. Trinity College, or Trinity University, remains on the main attractions in Dublin. 

4. Go out to a pub on Fleet Street and listen to some music. Temple Bar is great, but a little touristy. They have a beer garden, a whiskey collection, and Irish music every day. Temple Bar is probably the most famous bar in Dublin. However, if you are more interested in an authentic atmosphere, check out The Storehouse on Crowne Alley or The Palace bar. They still have great music and the prices are better. 

Enjoy your weekend in Dublin!Hill of TaraCredit: Victoria DeLone