Malaga is an administrative city of Costa del Sol and it is the fifth largest city in Spain. Malaga has a wonderful climate for holidaymakers with temperatures of 17 degrees during the day and between 7 to 8 degrees at night. It has a long summer season of eight months starting from April to November. Malaga is the most beautiful place with highest record of visitors due to its good climate party and beautiful beaches. There are popular places to visit in Malaga like Gibralfaro Castle, Malage Cathedral and Picasso Museum.

Malaga has good sightseeing places located between the port and old town. From Gilbralfaro visitors have a spectacular view of Malaga. Moorish Alcazaba is the lower castle of Gilbralfaro which is very attractive to tourist visiting Malaga.  They are attracted by fountains, rich flora, a nice view of the City and high walls. Malaga Cathedral also known as La Manquita is a great masterpiece of Spanish renaissance. The City most ancient monument built around 100BC is Teatro Romano which is located at Alcazaba.

Beaches in Malaga Costa del Sol are most popular with holidaymakers as they offer other activities like water sports. They are spread over many kilometers on the coastline.  Major activities in these beaches are pedalos, jet skis, beach canoes, catamarans and cruise ships. These are major attractions for many visitors in Malaga. Some of the most attractive beaches in Malaga are;

Marbella beaches:  It has wonderful sandy beaches. Marbella beaches are located at the middle of Costa del Sol with a 20km coastline. It is a safe and clean place with beautiful gardens and parks too.
Puerto Banus beaches: There are wonderful beaches, beach clubs and bars available for beach goers. Puerto Banus is for its beautiful marina, intense nightlife, classic fashion and parties. It has many designer shops and boutiques.
Torremolinos beaches: These beaches are spread out on a 9 km coastline and attract holidaymakers all over the world. The most popular and beautiful beach is Playa Carihuela.
Benalmadena beaches: These beaches have fine sand and have a variety of activities like water sports and other entertainments for beach lovers.
Malaga has very attractive restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. Visitors can enjoy fresh caught fish and other sea foods prepared in a unique and special way. Most famous dishes in Malaga are grilled or marinated fish, red mullet, sardines, anchovies, squid and pescaito frito. Shopping in Malaga comes in a mix of new and old. Increase in tourism has attracted more international chains stores and shopping malls in this town.

Malaga has very popular museums like Picasso archaeological museum, cathedral museum, popular arts museum and arte sacro museum among others. Malaga is the known as the birth place of Pablo Picasso the famous painter. Picasso museum is an attractive place for tourists in Malaga. This City displays a beautiful and array of different colors during Ferias festival in August. It is the most visited festival and a must visit and see for many tourists. Holy Week is also a major festival in Costa del Sol with its display of Christ's passion.