Example of hand made Christmas card

With the advances of technology, people are sending e-cards and it’s weird to post a normal physical card in many special occasions such as Christmas, New Year and so on.

Personally, sending a physical card sounds more ‘intimate’ when comes to these special occasions. Well sending a physical doesn’t necessary to be very costly, where you can re-use the materials for the constructions of card; other than saving the lovely planet by recycling and reuse of materials.  Getting started as beginner, you can actually quickly make your own card using simple tips below

a) Collects the unwanted materials as papers, boards, and anything that you think appropriate to use for your card

b) Start with the design and choose the right patterns for the occasions, such as Birthday, Christmas, New Year and so forth

c) Select a good paper from the materials that you collected earlier, if you planning to do on your own, look for soft card for easy working. At this phase, you may also need to consider the color (example background) before the construction

d) Look for stickers or rubber to supplement the designs and outlook. People like to see ‘bling bling’ things such as stars, cartoons and many others

e) Use appropriate glue, and consider carefully based on your materials. Some decorative items required ‘heavy duty’ glue, while some need those ‘fast dry’ glue

f) Think and think of the message to be added, the great card must compliment with meaning full message

g) Choose the right font size and patterns; make sure the wording just nice to fit into the card. Not too big or too small

h) Paste all altogether and ask yourself ‘Are you happy with the card’? A good feel means a great card.

See in that little time you can create a special and unique card and envelop using your own design, not to talk about the cost which you saved from recycling the waste materials. Surely the recipients will be very touched with your hard work and sincerity. Good luck and hope to see more special cards.