Spring cleaning brings to mind a fresh start and with so many ways to declutter your home there is no reason to dread it! Any home’s floor space can be maximized by decluttering.  Inside the living space, things like closet organizers increase storage capacity, but the whole point is to change the mindset. Organization is one thing, but organization as a means to just store more stuff is self-defeating. Get rid of it.

Decluttering starts by sorting through questionable items.  Broken, obsolete, or no longer useful things should be thrown away.  Anything still in working condition that could be used by someone else could be donated to any non-profit organization.

When going through their home’s clutter you will find things that might turn a dollar if sold.  Things suitable for a garage sale or yard sale should be identified and set aside.  These could be good condition toys that are no longer played with, outgrown clothing, or other things in good shape but on longer desired.  Don’t be married to your stuff – many people develop emotional attachments to items, especially those with “sentimental” value.

Declutter Your Home(92698)If committed to the idea of a yard sale, be committed – put these items in a separate area of the home, out of the way.  Get to the “yard sale” part of your decluttering operation quickly.  Don’t let these items sit unattended and unsold; it’s just more clutter, only in a different part of your house.

Most garages tend to be a minefield of clutter: discarded things, items that someone always thinks he or she will use “later”.  “Later” never comes; these things sit, collect dust, and take up room that could be put to better use. Certainly, there are things worth keeping.  Bicycles, gardening tools, etc., all clutter garage space.  Putting together shelving plans for the garage is a major step to clearing the clutter.  Hang up pegboards for tools. Most garage ceilings are simply open with the rafters exposed – use this wasted overhead space for storage.  Attach cup hooks and pegs to the overhead rafters and get things off the floor. A bike rack for garage storage is a great way to add space. If the garage has a utility sink attach a sink skirt to it.  This lets you shove unsightly, but necessary items underneath the sink, and out of sight.

Less really is more and the more you condense and streamline the lifestyle, the happier you may just become! Try these tips this spring and feel good about your cleaning!