Finding the perfect gift for the man in your life can be quite a chore. In this article, i will list some steps in determining what is the best gift for the man in your life.

Things You Will Need

Knowledge of his hobbies

His personal tastes in clothes



Step 1

Although Valentines day is a day about love, men are men. We would much rather enjoy an item that appeals to our hobbies. This is not to say that we wouldnt mind the traditional things, but if you really want to let him know you care and know him inside and out get him a gift for his hobby. Here is a few ideas for certain hobbies:

* For the golfer, i would suggest a new pack of golf balls, tees, or even a new set of gloves.

*For the runner, i would suggest an IPOD or mp3 that they can use while they run

*For the gamer, get the newest video game out. Or one he has been talking about.

*For the card player, a new poker set.

Step 2

If your man does not have hobbies or you cannot pin-point a good gift for it, i would suggest in either cologne or a good shirt. Most men even though we do not talk about it would like to look presentable. As such, getting him a nice work shirt or nice dress shirt when you go out would really make him happy.

Step 3

If you dont want to just give him one gift, consider giving him a food snack as a "filler" item with his gift. Great examples are chocolates, nuts, beef jerky, or even a giftcard to his favorite resturant.

Step 4

Guys are simple. My suggestion instead of wrapping their gift, to put it inside a nice bag with wrapping paper. Additionally, i would add a nice card (or even better a card you created yourself). Valentines is a wonderful time to spend with the man of your dreams. You should gift him items he will use again and remember you by. I would try to add a personal flare by paying attention to his likes/dislikes, his hobbies, and his favorite attire. If you follow the steps, you are golden

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