Vintage wine is often characterized by it's maturity, enduring appeal and classic excellence. Giving a vintage wine gift is a very special statement to the recipient.

An excellent yield of wine from a specific region, grape and year are the primary criteria serving as the base foundation for a potential and eventual vintage wine.

Many factors play in to the very fine and noteworthy vintage wines. From the especially good crop of grapes grown in a season of perfect conditions, to the harvest and the initial stages of the winemaking process.

No longer limited to European wine and the generation's established winemaking families and wineries, many 'boutique' wineries have now been established long enough, with highly reputable wine masters on staff producing wines of vintage appeal.

Borges Wines, Portugal, Sicilian Wine, the wineries of Hawke's Bay New Zealand, the wines of Cyprus all produce many of the world's vintage wines.

Types of Vintage Wine gifts

The buying of a vintage wine as a gift, is not an inexpensive purchase unless you are a true wine aficionado purchasing through a professional or reputable online broker house. A wise choice that is in reality, a very simple direction to take.

To locate an online broker who offers shipping right to your door or drop shipped to the recipient of your gift, one of the best information sources are the more highly recommended print medias. The magazines of Wine Enthusiast, Wine Enthusiast, Fine Wine Magazine and Wine Spectator Magazine are all good choices that contain listings and advertisements for reputable brokers and merchants.

Reputable and most often recommended online brokers are as follows:

Vintage Wine Merchants on Santana Row in Santa Cruz, California is ranked as one of the more popular and well-known vintage wine merchants in the country. An easy to navigate website that is finely tuned to customize your selections is another boast of Vintage Wine Merchants.

The Vintage Wine Club offered by Vintage Wine Merchants is a gift option worth considering as a much simpler way to give the gift of fine and special wines.

Club offerings include standard membership benefits and a wide selection of clubs:

The Grand Cru for serious collectors and aficionados runs around $100 per month in dues and is noted for those trying to build a quality cellar.

The Robust Reds is a $50 per month investment that gives the gift of high quality vintage red wines.

The Vintage Values club is a $30 per month gift that is more for the novice and gives a good variety of quality vintage wine from around the world.

Another top contender is The Antique Wine Company. Established over 25 years ago, located in London and also boasting internet sales on a beautiful website, The Antique Wine Company specializes only in rare and exceptionally fine wine. A side product available for gift giving is their Chateau Series storage cabinets and custom designed decanting cradles suitable for large bottles.

Both vendors offer informative posts and articles on their blogs of all upcoming vintages of note and various offerings of rare, antique wines.

Special Occasions and special gifts

Wedding and anniversary occasions are notably worthy of the gift of vintage wine, champagne, port or sherry.

A tradition begun centuries ago in Nuernberg, Germany saw the birth of the Bridal Cup or Toasting Cup, symbolizing faithfulness and good luck. Traditionally brought out again on each anniversary. Often exquisite works of art, these beautiful cups are still made today and make a very unique and special heirloom quality gift when paired with a bottle of vintage champagne. A good quality vintage champagne averages in cost for around $50 to $80 per bottle.

One of the reputable and well established online brokers of vintage champagne, port, sherry and specialty wines is Vintage Wine Gifts located in the United Kingdom. Also offering rare whiskey, cognac and Armagnac, Vintage Wine Gifts is a friendly search site that also has a vintage wine chart that is exceptionally helpful. A corporate gift section along with sub-sections steering you in the direction to best help with making the right selection for the occasion.

When giving the gift of rare, antique or vintage wine, do not forget the presentation. Such a special gift often warrants to additional gifting of wine accessories or a pairing with gourmet foods, condiments or cheeses. Quality gift baskets, totes or custom wine box are several of the choices one can make.