You don’t have to resort to sneaky schemes and tricks when looking for ways of getting your ex boyfriend back.  If you do attempt some form of trickery then you can be certain that this will eventually backfire on you. You will only end up getting more hurt and will have ruined any chance of ever getting your ex boyfriend back.

There are simple ways to attempt to get your ex back and remember that they are only going to work if you are truly meant to be together.  If you were not meant to be a couple then you will have to face reality and let him go and just get on with your life.

An easy way of getting your ex boyfriend back is to simply not contact him. This may go against every desire in your body right now. But believe me, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Think how your ex might feel if he doesn’t hear from you, no voice mail, emails or text messages? He will start wondering what you are up to.

Look at it in a different way, if he sees your text messages or listens to your voice mail he knows that you are missing him. If can tell exactly how you are feeling and then this can give him a sense of power. If he wanted to he could make you ‘suffer’ a little longer before contacting you, if that is his intention.

So can you see that if you play a little hard to get, you in fact have the upper hand. It won’t be easy but try to go about your daily life as though you have accepted the fact that you have broken up with your boyfriend. If you bump into any of his friends don’t let them see that you are hurting. Just accept things as they are and keep moving forward.
When your ex boyfriend finds out that you are getting on with your life, it could make him do some serious thinking.  He might start to think that he acted too fast and does really miss you.  If he hurt you in any way out of anger or jealousy he will start to think differently.  Your ex boyfriend will be the one thinking about how to get his ex girlfriend back.

If you wait for a few weeks to pass you could suddenly be surprised by a phone message or text message asking if you can meet. Again you want to stay cool when this happens. Don’t rush back into his arms when you meet up.  Just act as though you are meeting a good friend who you haven’t seen in a while.

Let your ex boyfriend do the talking first and see what happens. If he suggests going out to dinner or a movie then agree to it, if this is what you want to do.  Don’t attempt to continue your relationship from where you left off. This new meeting will be the start of a new and improved relationship for you both.