Google adsense is a great way to earn handsome revenue online. But if you are interested to make this earning double or triple then you must take advantage of applying various amazing features google offers its publishers to improve their adsense earning. Here we have a couple of features through which you can easily double your adsense earning. These features include:

1- Competitive Ad Filter

2- Ad Review Center

1- Competitive Ad filter

We know that google adsense earning comes from the revenue generated by google through its advertising campaign. But there is no fix cost or price google charges for advertising its ads online. Different advertisers pay different amount for displaying their ads on relevant websites. Therefore we can divide them into low paying advertisers and top paying advertisers. If we display low paying ads on our website we get lower share per click and if we display high paying ads on our site their cost per click automatically increases. Therefore the first way to improve your google adsense earning is to show top paying ads. Here you need competitive ad filter feature which allows you preventing low paying advertisers to display their ads on your web pages.

What you need to do is to add low paying advertisers into 'advertiser blacklist' available in competitive ad filter page. Once these advertisers are added into this blacklist they would not be allowed to show their ads on your web pages. An important tool in this regard is to go to '' to find out low paying advertisers easily.

2- Ad Review Center

This feature will help you to show top paying relevant ads on your site. From this tool you can choose your desired categories of advertiser on the basis of their cost and relevance to your site. Here you can allow or block various ad networks according to our priorities. You can get an exact idea about the overall cost of various categories by visiting 'Spyflu' website. Firstly just tick the irrelevant categories and stop them showing their ads on your website. Secondly skim through the leftover categories to judge their relevance and check their importance by their Alexa ranking. On ad review center page scroll down and click 'Allow and Block Google Certified Ad Networks' to block desired Ads networks. It might take 40 minutes to 50 minutes to go through all categories but to double your adsense earning it is not a big deal indeed!