Did your plans get ruined for the day because of rain? Don't just sit around! Here's some fun things to do inside on those rainy days:

Have a family day- Since everyone will probably be stuck inside, why not take this opportunity to spend some time with them! Try just having a conversation or possibly start a board game that can bring the entire family together. There are endless card games that can be played as well. Movies are also something everyone will enjoy and keep everyone entertained. Everyone's lives start to become hectic, so why not relax together for once.

Play a video game- This could be another family oriented activity or done by yourself. Video games can be viewed as a boy's activity, but recent video games such as games for the Wii or Kinect have really a family based theme and men, women, and people of all ages enjoy them as much as the next person. This will keep you active as well if you are playing a motion sensored game. They are a great way to kill time and have a blast doing it.

Catch up on your reading- Reading is a great stress reliever and a good way to take your mind off of the weather. Books can be very interesting to read if you find the right topic or author. In doing this, you are improving your reading skills while entertaining yourself all in one! If reading isn't really your thing, try skimming through a magazine or possibly read short little newspaper articles. I even at times will read for dummies books to help learn new skills, which can be quite interesting and useful in the future. 

Try some baking or cooking- With all that extra time, why not try some new recipes! Cooking a nice, whole meal will be a great way to add variety to your diet and treat yourself to a good home cooked meal. Find some new recipes that you may have not had time for and try them out. You might just find a new dish to love. Baking is another way of treating yourself to something good on a dark,rainy day. Everyone enjoys having something sweet once in a while! 

There are just some things you can try to do on a rainy day. There are tons of other things to do, so just look around instead of channel surfing the TV all day! Hope this helps.

Thanks for viewing!