Keyboard Cash
Credit: Kate M.

Getting Started

Let's face it - you don't have to be in college to be strapped for cash these days. No matter what sort of situation you are in, you could probably use a little extra cash. However, there are some resources available to you if you are a student that can really help you to boost your income. 

Your first resource is a huge base of people just like you that you can easily advertise to.

Think about this, you can very easily look at your own situation and figure out what it is that you would buy, read, etc. Now look around you - there are tons of other people who would probably be looking for the exact same things. 


There was a guy at my school who started a blog to help people in school save money. He did all of his advertising on bulletin boards and through things like social media. Within a year his primary source of income was his blog. 


I was looking to emulate his success and I took a page out of his book - I targeted the kids around me as my potential market.  I started a blog about cooking - one of my favorite things to do. My blog contains information on how to cook on a college budget. 


You may be asking yourself how this is possible with just a blog. The reality is that thousands of people do this every day. They simply blog about something that they find interesting or something they are passionate about and they monetize their blog with services like Google AdSense. 

Another great way to earn money is to start a website that offers a service. 

My brother and I recently decided to start our own website offering free stock photos. Since we were offering a free service, we once again turned to ads. Now, at this point, you may be shaking your head because you think you do not have the expertise to make your own website. Once again, this is something you would be surprised about. 

I had absolutely no experience in web design when I started my website. I actually went to school and got a non-technical degree in the arts. However, i was able to get help from people like my brother and friends who did know a little something about it. 

Before you think my only pitch on this is to go running to friends and family and ask them to build a website for you, hear me out - there is more. 

I began to teach myself and build my website with programs like Adobe Dreamweaver. Believe it or not, my school had a computer lab with this software on it that I could use for free. There are also ways to get special student registration codes through Adobe's website to get the software at a deeply discounted price.

The best thing about Dreamweaver - you don't need to know any coding languages at all to build a web site. There are tutorials all over the web that can teach you how to use Dreamweaver to make your very own website fairly easily. 

These are two very basic ways to earn passive income on the internet with the tools that are readily accessible to you while you are in school, but they are not the only ways. Just try to get creative and think critically about the environment that you are in. The odds are, there is a market that is waiting to be tapped and you could very well be in line for a decent pay-day.