When it comes to working as a writer, there are many different ways to market your content writing services to gain new clients. Not only can you market yourself online but offline as well. It isn’t too hard to get new clients by marketing yourself online as well as offline. Here are a few ways to find those better paying clients doing a few things you might not have even thought of before.

Offline Marketing for Clients

Cold Calling

Cold calling might not sound so glamorous but it is a very good way to attract new client’s offline. What you can do is, take out the trusty phone book that hardly anyone uses anymore and look for local businesses that you think might be in need of a content writer. You can make your own script if you need to and use for every business you call or you can just wing it by saying whatever comes to mind. Either way is up to you and as long as you don’t get nervous on the phone, you will be fine. Some people get really lucky using this type of marketing procedure to find new clients. As long as you are confident in your writing abilities and can talk easily on the phone, you will do fine.

Handing out Business Cards

One thing that many writers tend to forget about is that they can get cheap business cards by either having them made or making them themselves. One thing that they also tend to forget about is that they can leave these business cards with their contact information on them at any place they have been during the day. This can include restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, and even banks, post offices, and any other place they visit during the day. Doing this may surprise them later on during the day, week, month or even year when they end up receiving an email or phone call from that new potential client.

Online Marketing for Clients


Not only does cold calling work but cold emailing can work just as well. The way to cold email businesses is to use your favorite search engine to find the businesses in your niche you write for. Once you find the websites that go along with your niche, look for the contact information which should have an email address. You can do the same thing here you did with cold calling, write a script to use for every email or wing it as you go along. Whatever you think is the best way to attract new clients.

Networking with Others

Networking with others you work with or even online friends you have is also a good way to find new clients. Reach out by emailing people in your contact list and ask them if they know anyone who needs a new content writer. You may be surprised with the results. You can also do this on the social networks you use most often. You can create an update message or status by asking if anyone knows anyone who needs a content writer.