Enjoy a relaxing holiday

Usually the first thing on anyone’s list is a nice relaxing holiday. Whether this is within the UK or somewhere abroad, taking the time to enjoy a quiet and serene break will be the least you deserve. This is the beauty of retirement; it’s your time to spend how you want. A barge holiday, a caravan holiday, a nice villa in the Mediterranean, or even a cruise; whatever you fancy and can afford, you should go for it – you’ve earned it.

Try an adventurous holiday

For some there’s nothing worse than the thought of a fortnight bathing in the sun, reading, eating and drinking. If this is the case, then maybe you would prefer something a little more adventurous. For example, if you’re active and healthy, then a walking holiday along the UK’s famous routes could be an option. Alternatively, you may want to experience the culture of a country or continent that you’ve only seen on television. Africa, Asia, Australia; these are all great places for you to explore if you’re looking for something further afield.

Visit places you've always wanted to see

Whether it’s in the UK or abroad, there may be a tourist attraction or a specific place that you’ve always wanted to visit. Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Colosseum in Rome, Machu Picchu in Peru, there’s so many places around the world that you’ve probably dreamed of visiting. Well now you’re retired, you can. In addition, many attractions (especially in the UK) offer senior citizens discounts, so it’ll be cheaper than ever before.

Attend events that you've always wanted to attend

Have you ever watched an event on television and thought to yourself, I want to go to that that? Well now you can. Whether it’s a sporting event, a cultural event, or something more akin to your personal interests, you can attend any event that you’ve always wanted to. This doesn’t have to be just in the UK either. If your budget will stretch, why not travel around the world seeing shows, fixtures, festivals or screenings?

Visit your family

Now that you have the time, why not catch up with close or extended family members, especially if you have not spoken to them for a while? This will give you a chance to travel
the country or even the world, depending on where they live, of course. It could be a great opportunity to meet new arrivals to the family such as grandchildren or nieces and nephews or reminisce with siblings, cousins or children. Now’s the time to bond with the one’s you love.

Catch up with old friends

Much like with your family, why not catch up with old friends? With the Internet, and social media in particular, it’s never been easier to revive friendships with old school chums or work colleagues, share old stories and have a laugh. Along with your family, your friends are incredibly important to your happiness, so make the most of the time you now have to meet up again.


This is an excellent way of giving a little bit back to society or a particular charity or organisation that you’re fond of. Volunteering will reward you intrinsically, whilst being absolutely crucial to other members of society. So, not only will you be helping yourself, you’ll be helping others too.