In this article I am going to talk about some interesting websites to visit. Some of them have to do with inventing. Others have to do with music. Gaming is the topic of a few. The rest of the sites are miscellaneous ones. A lot of these websites may be new to you. I did not just throw together a list of websites for this article. I use most of these websites on a regular basis.

The first interesting website to visit is Quirky. It is a social product development site. People come to the site to submit ideas for products, vote, rate, and comment on submissions, and chat with each other. Doing some of these things will earn you influence. When the product sells that you have influence on, you earn money. The more influence you have the more money that you can make. That is what Quirky is about.

The second website is GeniusCrowds. It is similar to Quirky. GeniusCrowds is not as popular as Quirky but it is still a good site.

The third website is Edison Nation. It is slightly similar to the last two websites I talked about. On this website you send in your product ideas to be looked at and evaluated. If they are good they will show them to major companies. If the company likes them they will manufacture your product idea and you will get a percentage of the profit.

The fourth website is Grooveshark. It is a great website to listen to music. You can find almost anything you want to listen to. It is easy to make a playlist too.

The fifth website is Radiou. It is a radio station's website. Radiou plays Christian metal, rock, hip hop, and techno. This radio station is commercial free. You can listen for free over the air or online.

The sixth website is Moola. It is a gaming website. On this website you can earn money by playing games. You start with a penny and it doubles every time you win a game in a row. If you lose you lose all the money you bet. Win 30 times in a row and get over 10 million dollars.

The seventh website is Runescape. It is a good massive multiplayer online role-playing game. The game takes place in a medieval fantasy realm.

The last website is Amazon. It is just about the best place to shop online. They carry products in almost every product category there is.

Hope you enjoyed this article about some of the most interesting websites to visit out there.