Winter makes typical date ideas impossible.  Most date ideas are great assuming there is good weather.  In warm conditions you can go to a park, have a picnic, go to the lake or a beach, but good luck impressing a girl while she's freezing to death.  Luckily, winter allows for fun dates that are less common, and when the date is new and exciting the person of interest will find you new and exciting as well.  

Winter Dates With or Without Snow

For many people winter dating has nothing to do with snow.  Sometimes it's just plain freezing and no snow to use for activities.  The biggest challenge is to find something unique and fun without requiring a nice warm temperature.  

Eating is easy,  a nice restaurant can be used for any date rain or shine.  Taking it one step further and making the meal yourself is also an option.  As far as the rest of the date, one can only do so many dinner and a movie dates.   So to keep it different and fun here are a list of great ideas for any cold weather situation.  

  • Build a fire, wrap up in blankets, and roast marshmallows for desert. 
  • Look for any special events at local bars ie. trivia night, karaoke, etc... (make sure you know the girl, not all girls want to be dragged to a bar)
  • Watch a movie and play games at one of your houses
  • Attend a show or concert (even if it's totally random, if its bad you will have plenty to talk about afterwords poking fun at it)
  • Go to a museum or art gallery
  • If there are any hot springs around make a trip of it and find a place to eat on the way
  • Ice skating 
  • If there is no snow to go sledding, go ice blocking and make a joke about how you wanted to go sledding but it didn't snow ( buy 2 blocks of ice, fold towels to put on top for cushion, find a hill, sit on the ice and slide down the hill.) It is a blast.  

Winter Dates With Snow

For starters, snow allows for an easy way to create a surprise.  You can use snow as a reason for having to go somewhere.  For example if you want to take your date sledding and to have a cold weather picnic you can say " I'm really sorry, my friend is stuck in the snow is it ok if we go try and help him real quick."  No one is actually stuck but you just found away to get to a sledding hill without having to give up all the info.  

Any outdoor snow activity is a great start to a fun date: skiing, sledding, making snowmen, ice skating, snowshoeing, etc....  As a picnic replacement, bring hot chocolate (with or without alcohol), a blanket, soup, or any other warm food.  The best part is you will have fun, and will undoubtedly be wet and cold by the end, which leads into the second part of the date.

Step two is where the date gets a little more intimate and allows for more serious conversation while giving you something to do. Build a fire, go hot tubbing, make them a warm dinner, watch a movie and wrap up in a blanket, or go to a coffee-house.