Issue of gender equality is all over the news lately. Different organizations globally are making an effort to showcase the great qualities of women comparable to men. Women during the old days are considered soft, fragile and insignificant. Though this concept is gradually changing through the years, Great Women 1Credit: have also played important roles which are recorded in world history.

Today, women’s history is being studied as their relevance in the society intensifies. It seems that women of the past were ignored, women’s history is a great way to challenge the limited information demonstrating the strengths of women. It is high time now to give the due respect these women deserve. It is undeniable that women are making their own names in all aspect of the industry – business, politics, entertainment, healthcare, and the likes.

Here are some of the women that defy men supremacy:

  • Joan of Arc – despite her uneventful childhood life, she didn’t realize that she will be of importance in capturing the Orleans. Born in France in 1412, her visions started with Saint Margaret, Saint Catherine and Saint Michael giving her instructions that she needs to support King Charles VII to get rid of the English in France.  Eventually she was held prison, put to trial and eventually sentenced to be burned at age 19. It was in 1456, when everything changed, she was considered a martyr, beatified and soon declared as a saint.
  • Helen Keller – she was struck by a disease during her childhood, it became the reason for her to become mute, deaf and blind but this didn’t stop her to become a renowned author and lecturer, giving brilliant education on behalf of millions of others having the same disabilities.
  • Mother Teresa – who doesn’t know her? Her name resounds in every Catholic Church. She is a founder of various religious groups in Calcutta. According to her, “by blood, I am Albanian, by citizenship, an Indian, by faith, I am a Catholic nun, as to my calling, I belong to the world”. Her compassionate heart proves that women can be both tough and kind. She toured in different countries spreading the love of the God while putting actions to what she preached.
  • Marie Curie – Science if not always, mostly, a male territory, She proved that women have a spot in there, she became famous for her research regarding radioactivity. In addition, she was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize. She made history not only with her studies but as the first woman university lecturer at the University of Paris.

Women’s roles are evolving, it is becoming wider that they are no longer afraid to keep up with their opposite sex. They are getting fiercer and prouder, no signs of worries and apprehensions. According to Carrie Chapman Catt, “We women demand an equal voice; we shall accept nothing less.” While Eileen Collins once said, “I don’t think of myself as being a woman and having anything to prove.” No doubt, gender equality is on its way up.