When you buy a shoe are you really getting what you paid for? You hear a lot of shoe companies tout their products and how superior they are. The New Balance 991 is a shoe that's superior based solely upon the features of the shoe. This article will be about the great features of the 991. Many people have bought this shoe and have not been disappointed. In this article I'll be talking about some of the perks of this solid running shoe.

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One of the first things that people notice when they buy the New Balance 991 is, how extremely comfortable they are. Running in these shoes is literally like running on pillows. If you ask anybody who owns the shoes if they are comfortable, they will tell you straight out, these are some of the most comfortable running shoes on the market. This is because of features like the ABZORB inserts placed into the shoe in strategic locations. The sole of the shoe is high quality rubber and is very shocked absorbing.

Another great feature of the New Balance 991 is, the blown rubber forefoot. If you run your forefoot is usually one of the first things to hit the ground. New Balance understood that this part of the shoe needed to be padded very well. The blown rubber in the forefoot is where a large concentration of shock absorption occurs. This will keep you comfortable and running for many miles on end.

The last great feature of the New Balance 991 I'll be talking about is, the polyurethane heel. Any runner knows how important is to have a comfortable heel in your shoe. When running there is a time in your stride when most of your weight is on your heel. New Balance made sure that the heel of the 991 is durable and well cushioned. This is to increase the overall comfort level of the shoe and add another great feature to it as well.

In summary, in order for running shoes to be effective at their given task, they need to have great features. The New Balance 991 mixes great features with extreme comfort. The patented ABZORB inserts make sure this shoe is extremely comfortable. The blown rubber forefoot adds flexibility and another great feature to this 991 running shoe. In addition, the heel of the 991 is polyurethane. This provides durability and an even greater comfort. If you want a shoe with great features the 991 is a shoe you should look into.