Your mom just gave you a brand new Android phone for your birthday. It’s not exactly what a gamer like you wants to receive for your special day, but the buzz from fellow gamers on the bountiful games available on the Android Market got you all curious to see what they have talked about.

After accessing the app from your new Smartphone, you find yourself overwhelmed with the games offered at the platform’s official app store.

Here are some of the most buzzed games available on the Android platform.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is already a worldwide phenomenon now, but you are still unsure of what makes click with the public. The reason you have yet to try this is because it is not something that will come into mind of a hard-core gamer like yourself.

However, on long trips or when you find yourself bored and no gaming console is within reach, this game may complement your gaming needs. The gaming experience pretty much revolves around the following:

  • It’s the funny story of the birds seeking revenge against the pigs that got the whole world talking and playing this game.
  • The various levels of game play and the difficulty it brings on every level is sure to catch your interest and curiosity on what will happen on their revenge.

Dungeon Defenders

For gamers looking for a closer to an Xbox experience kind of play in the Android Market, you can try games like Dungeon Defenders.

  • In this game, the “World of Warcraft” experience is brought into the small screen of your Smartphone.
  • It is rendered in 3D animation just like the usual gaming experience you have while playing on a home game console.
  • The story revolves around you taking on the role of one of the four heroes of the game, who are in the quest of fighting creatures that invades their castle and levelling up their abilities.

Those who love the feature of being able to interact with another gaming addict when playing their games, Parallel Kingdom will definitely catch your attention.

  • Parallel Kingdom is actually based on the location you are in.
  • It uses Google Maps to pin-point your whereabouts and as well as the location of the monsters that are lurking in your neighborhood.
  • The game also allows you to interact with fellow players that are hunting for monsters in the augmented reality where you are playing. This would allow you to trade tips and secrets on where to catch those monsters.

While these games available from the Android Market are not as testosterone filled or displays near real life 3D gaming experience that can be seen when playing on full-featured gaming consoles delivers, they are not as bad  as you initially imagined. You can now say that you belong to the bandwagon of gamers who do enjoy mobile games when they are out on a trip or is just plain bored somewhere.