With the holidays rapidly approaching, many gamers are hoping for their latest acquisitions underneath the tree this season. With so many great gifts to choose from, it's hard to narrow it down to just a few solid games. Here is a small sample of a hardcore gamers wish list for this December, presuming that they haven't been bought already and sitting in your consoles at the moment.

Fallout 3 - Game of the Year Edition: It's hard to believe that Fallout 3 has been out for an entire year, as it was massively anticipated during this time last year. Fallout 3 has in it what every gamer wishes for. A long lengthy story, great graphics and game play, a sandbox style world to do your bidding in, and tons of missions non playable characters to have fun with over and over again. The Game of the Year Edition includes all five expansion packs that were released for the original game. This game is a must have, that is until Fallout: New Vegas is released.

Call of Duty 6 - Modern Warfare 2: When the original Modern Warfare first appeared on the scene, it was a breath of fresh air for this fabled series. Modern Warfare featured intense action that had never been seen before in a first person shooter and online play that was second to none. Modern Warfare 2 doesn't just bring you more of the same, it brings it to a completely new level. The violence is even raised a few notches in this one, so the M for mature rating is well deserved this time around. The campaign and online modes are much improved in this one, as well as introducing a cooperative mode that adds an extra layer to the game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: If you're a fan of the first Ultimate Alliance, a Marvel Comics buff, a fan of cooperative game play, or just looking for a game with unique characters and an in-depth story, this game is for you. This game is rich with unique characters that will allow more than one playthrough, as well as a number of hidden items that will keep you searching and breaking items and walls searching for them. Of note, the first installment of downloadable content has been released (Xbobx 360 and PS3) featuring four new characters and simulator missions. Stan Lee must be proud.

Borderlands: An obscure visit to an obscure planet is what you're in store for with this masterpiece. Borderlands places you in the middle of a unique treasure hunt on the planet "Pandora" that will see you travel throughout the planet shooting and destroying many different types of enemies and looting their bodies for different items. The story itself isn't as layered as one may think, but the game play itself is where it really shines as you attempt to collect as many guns, ammo, and items as you can to promote your character in a unique leveling system. Borderlands features a real "cartoony" look to it's graphics, but is also one of the most gorey games of the year. Possibly the best part of this adventure is the multiplayer aspect. Two players can play together via split screen per console, and up to four players can play together online in the quest for Pandora's treasure.

Assassins Creed 2: Possibly one of the most anticipated sequels in recent memory has arrived and it's already left a lasting impression. The first Assassins Creed featured stunning visuals, a massive world, and an array of unique attacks and the sequel expands on all of those features, living up to sequel hype. One of those most baffling, but intriguing part of the original also exists in this sequel. You switch between both the present day and the past. The present and the past collide as the present day character is reliving his ancestors past via a lab experiment. The past (much like the original), is where the game really shines and where you spend most of your time. This time, in ancient Italy. This game is truly a visual masterpiece and is enjoyable just moving the camera around and watching the scenery.

GTA IV - Episodes from Liberty City: Not very often do you see a critically acclaimed game have two critically acclaimed expansions, but that is the case this time around. Episodes from Liberty City is now available (as separate expansions or on a standalone disc), and both games only add to the fun that can be had in the original game. In the Lost and the Damned, you play as the rough and tough Johnny the Biker and navigate your way through Liberty City in an all out biker war. In the Ballad of Gay Tony, you play as Luis who is a personal bodyguard for Gay Tony. In this episode, you deal mainly with mob families and try to determine who has the most legitimacy.

All in all, there are several games available for the holiday, but it's up to you to determine what may be the best deal. With the aforementioned games, you can't go wrong regardless of your choice.