Stokke junior bed Many parents buy cribs or bassinets for their babies even before the baby is born. While the mother is pregnant, the parents go to the store and choose the cutest looking baby crib. They then bring it up in anticipation of putting their little baby in the crib. However, what they forget is that the baby grows pretty fast. In almost a year or 2, the baby will need a bigger bed. Lots of times, the cribs are too small for the babies after they turn 1 and a half or 2. The babies now need something that is better suited for their age and their size.

One of the best baby cribs out there is the Stokke Sleepi Crib. The best thing about it is that it completely converts to match the child's size and age. First, there is a kit that allows it to be converted to a bassinet when the child is 0-6 months. Then, when the child is 6 months to 2 years and is starting to grow longer and heavier, the crib is easily adjustable with a standard screwdriver. Then, when the toddler is a bit older, you can remove the front panel and lower the height to convert it into a toddler bed. Finally, when your child is around 4, the conversion kit allows you to easily convert the bed into a junior bed.

The junior bed is the perfect transition for your child from a smaller bed to an adult bed. The benefits of the Stokke Sleepi System is that your child gets to stay in the same bed that he is familiar with. The Stokke bed is made of strong and durable, high quality beechwood. It also has rounded rails from the crib that can be removed for the junior bed. Some of the rails can be left on in case your child rolls around in his sleep. The roundness creates a more spacious environment while still helping your child feel protected.

This bed becomes the perfect bed for your baby since it starts as a crib and is later on converted into a junior bed. You receive all of the benefits of the Stokke system including the adjustable bed base, fitted wheels, different accessories, and high quality mattress and accessories. But you also receive the benefit of being able to use it for a much longer period than a crib since it can be used as a junior bed for your child. Later on, you won't have to go shopping and searching through junior beds. You can use this bed and then transition your child to a regular adult bed when he is ready.

Your child will spend countless hours in his bed. Sleep is even more important for children since it aids them in their growth and health. Choose the right baby bed for them and consider their future need of a junior bed when shopping for the bed.