One of the best way to bring new players into your Championship Manager 01/02 team is by checking their contracts. If the player is out of contract, then you can bypass their clubs and offer them a contract directly thanks to the Bosman ruling. No transfer fee will be required for the player, so it's always worth checking out-of-contract players. These are a few of the great players that are out of contract for the 01/02 Championship Manager season.


This is one player that you must add to your squad if you can meet the contract requirements. West is a top-class center-back, with an expired contract. West has 20 and 19 ratings for Stamina and tackling. West is very good in the air, and has a marking rating of 17. West is also a good team player, and has lots of pace as well. When you have him in your team a 9 – 10 million transfer could be possible after a few seasons. That's pretty good return for an out-of-contract player!


Kovacevic is a great Yugoslav goalkeeper who plays for AOAN, a small Greek club. He can be a great goalkeeper for any team, with ratings up to 17 for jumping and positioning. The goalkeeper's handling and agility ratings are 14, and they will likely increase as well given that Kovacevic is at 22. Kovacevic could be one of the best players in your team, and as he is out of contract in 2001 should be one of the first players to add to your squad.


Blomqvist is a Swedish soccer star with 29 games for Sweden. Having played for top European soccer teams such as Man U, Parma and Milan, Blomqvist has some good ratings. As a winger Blomqvist plays down the left side of midfield, has a 15 rating for pace and 14 ratings for dribbling, creativity, crossing, off ball and technique. Even if you don't add him to your first team, he's a great player to have on the bench.


Aristizabal is another great out-of-contract player. The Colombian international is versatile and can play in the center and right side of midfield or further forward. That can cover approximately five or four positions with a 3 – 5 – 2 or 4 – 4 – 2 formation. This player has a finishing rating of 14 and an off ball rating of 15; so can score quite a few goals for your team. Aristizabal also has a heading rating of 17, so can score goals off the ground as well as on it. Further to this, Aristizabal is a fast sprinter with a pace rating of 15.

These are four great out-of-contract players that you can add to your Championship Manager 01/02 squad. Alongside them, Guardiola, Solis and Amokachi are a few others to note. These players could be great additions to a number of Champions League teams.