Understanding the importance of SEO should be any writer's primary concern. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the primary way the search engine such as Google will find the article, blog, post or website in its organic Internet searches.

SEO is a large topic it contains a lot of nuances and can generally be split into topics that would include on page optimization and off page optimization. Off page optimization includes things like creating back links on other sites linking back to the page to increase Google rankings. This is very important, but it can be fixed and added to at any time. The most important part of the equation is on page optimization, some of which, such as keyword research is difficult to fix a later date. The following are some great ways to optimize a website with solid SEO, particularly on page optimization.

Keyword research:

To say keyword research is important is an understatement. If you get proper keywords for your article, post or website it will make all subsequent actions in attempting to rank your page in Google search results so much easier. An overly competitive keyword will be very difficult to rank because of the competition. A keyword that is chosen that does not have sufficient traffic but will never send many people to your website. Balancing these two is important part of keyword research.


A title is important thing. It is the first thing anyone will see. If you make a title that is attention grabbing it will draw people to your website. If you make a title that is SEO compliant computers will favor your article and make it more likely to rank higher on Google and be able to be found. Therefore in the best of worlds a title will be both SEO compliant and attention grabbing submit it gets with leaders and ranks well on search engines.

SEO Compliant Content:

Many people say the content is King. There is a reason for this, many times this is true. Ultimately the content of your website will be the most important thing. If the article, blog post, webpage or landing page do not have engaging content people will not stay to read it or ever return. Considering strictly search engine optimization purposes this is not always true. The search engine is not actually read your article. It reads pieces of the article. A search engine will look for repeating phrases, these phrases are keywords. This will tell the computer what sure material is about and it will rank them for these repeating phrases. Generally to rank for keyword you want between 2% to 5% keyword density throughout an article. Less than 2% keyword density in Google may not recognize what your article is about. More than 5% keyword density in Google may penalize you for "keyword stuffing". This is to be avoided at all costs.

Optimize a web site with solid SEO:

The point of all of this is that keywords are extremely important. Properly research all keywords using a tool like market samurai to ensure proper keywords from the beginning so that you not waste time on keywords that can never rank. Finally make sure that title and content of the article are both keyword compliant and relevant to the topic at hand.