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My friend and Me in the W Hotel room

Best Halloween Costume for Men Big Bad Wolf Pimp

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Best Halloween Costume For Men 2016 Big Bad Wolf Pimp

This Halloween I planned on going to a costume party and was tasked with finding good matching costumes for my lady friend and me.  As the party's date grew closer I started feeling the pressure to come up with a decision but couldn't come up with a good choice.

A friend of ours offered my girlfriend a free Little Red Riding Hood costume so naturally I decided to try to find a Big Bad Wolf costume.  After searching for many costumes on the internet I couldn't really find one that I liked and thought about even trying to glue fake hair on my face and paint myself up.... then it happened.

Originally, I wanted to get a pair of 50's gangsters outfits and had looked up Zoot Suits as that is the costume theme our friends had choosen.  I eventually joined two awesome things.... Big Bad Wolf Zoot Suit Costume.

I purchased the costume from Amazon and received it in time for the party.

The costume looked great and fit very well.  The package came with the mask, a big brimmed pimp had with ear holes cut so the mask would fit, a red jacket and black shirt with a tie and black/red pinstripped pants with suspenders.   The shirt was a dickie, a small fake shirt with a tie attached, and was kinda cheap looking.  I opted to put on a nice button up black pin stripe shirt I had and a white tie which looked much better.  The plush furry wolf hands set the costume off along with the rest of the features but it seemed to be missing just a few last touches.

I went to Michaels and picked up a long red quail feather and put it in the hat near the ear hole under the red strap.  I also picked up some big gold chains and rings from our local Party City store and some Spats, the white shoe coverings that give it that G flare.

The Party was at the W hotel in downtown Atlanta and the hotel was packed out.  I was the hit at the party, I got stopped to take pictures with so many people so many times that my girlfriend started to get annoyed.  People would asked me to pose with their girlfriends, have pictures of me "biting their necks", group pictures you name it. 

I did noticed that the mask did not have enough air holes for breathing so I took the mask back to the room and cut out a decently large hole in the mouth area that was just black rubber above the tongue.  It did not affect the look of the mask at all and was very functional.  After the alteration I was able to leave the mask on for long periods and could breath quite well.

I had a blast, the Pimp Big Bad Wolf costume was definately the best choice for a party that I've ever made and I will have to bring him back out every few years for many years to come.

Buy this costume, its great I promise you will not be disappointed.