Greatest Jackie Chan Movies

Anyone who has ever been a fan of movies at all has doubtlessly come to appreciate at least some of the more well-known works of Jackie Chan, the actor, singer, director, and screenplay writer who is known for his high-energy action roles, realistic stunts, and timeless comedy. He has been a favorite among movie-goers for many years, despite the fact that few know more than a few facts about his life.

 Jackie Chan was born on 04/07/1954 in British Hong Kong. His birth name was Chan Kong-Sang, though he later acquired the name ‘Jackie Chan’ as his screen name. His parents were refugees, having been forced from their home by the Chinese Civil War. As a young child, Jackie Chan was nicknamed ‘Pao-Pao’ which, translated, literally means ‘cannonball’ in English. He received this nickname because he was constantly moving around. He had a seemingly boundless amount of energy, and was always on the go. Those who are the biggest fans of the greatest Jackie Chan Movies will probably remember his first major film breakthrough, ‘Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow’. It was the film that set the standard for the genre known as ‘comedic kung-fu’, and propelled him to stardom.

So, What Is The GREATEST Jackie Chan Movies Of All Time?

When talking about Jackie Chan, one could go on and on about all of the amazing, high energy, and action-packed roles that he has played. However, even with all of the great films that he has been in, there is still one movie that I really keep coming back to. I have to say that the greatest Jackie Chan movie of all time, in my opinion, would have to be ‘Shanghai Noon’ (with Owen Wilson). To me, this movie seems to capture the comedic kung fu style, for which Jackie Chan is so famous, in a way that is both timeless and endlessly enjoyable. Truthfully, I don’t think that I could ever wear this movie out by watching it too many times! It’s sequel, ‘Shanghai Knights’, is another favorite of mine, but I don’t think that it quite edges out ‘Shanghai Noon’ for the greatest Jackie Chan movie of all time.


Other Jackie Chan Favorites

When talking about the greatest Jackie Chan movies of all time, I feel that you also need to mention ‘Rush Hour’, as well as its sequel, ‘Rush Hour 2’. Of course, he did a great job in ‘Kung Fu Panda’ with fellow comedic actor Jack Black, and also in movies such as ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’, which he made in collaboration with another favorite actor of mine, Jet Li. While this type of movie seems to be a bit of a departure from the norm for Jackie Chan, I could definitely get used to this type of work from him.


With so many awesome films out there that boast his name, finding the greatest Jackie Chan Movies will definitely rely on your own personal tastes and preferences. While some doubtlessly enjoy his comedy, some actually gravitate more towards the limited, yet profoundly different dramas that he has taken part in. If you can say one thing about Jackie Chan, it is that he is not only talented, but also multi-gifted. He is also an accomplished and professional singer, as well as a profoundly energetic stunt man.